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ARRM Changelog

List of additions / corrections / modifications of the software since its creation. (11/20/2021)

  • Addition of a button to access the 'Launchbox media assignment' screen which allows you to assign the various Launchbox media to the TAGs available in ARRM. (To do before a scrape.) See:
  • Addition of an 'Edit Arcade Systems list' button in the 'Tools' tab which allows you to edit the list of systems to be considered as Arcade
  • Addition of a button to update the search database by Datfiles. See wiki for the operating mode:
  • Update of the database for the search of names via Datfile: on arcade roms, there were many inconsistencies. (bug report by ZenGeek on Discord ARRM)
  • When loading a gamelist containing tags unknown to ARRM (cheevosHash, cheevosId …), ARRM keeps them in a database (extra_tags), and rewrites them when creating the gamelist.xml and gamelist_ARRM. xml.
  • Addition of a 'Gamelist TAGs' tab which allows you to select the media TAGs that you want to appear in Gamelist.xml. If the associated media exists the TAG will be written. When creating gamelist.xml, a gamelist_ARRM.xml file containing all available tags is also created. If you want to use the 'Recompose image' function, it is important to check the 'Use Gamelist_ARRM.xml' checkbox when you load a system in order to have all the media available.
  • Addition of the checkbox 'Activation of 4 images mode' in the 'Image options' tab (request from Pajarorojo on ARRM discord)
  • When the '4 images mode' is not checked, it is possible to request the download of: screenshot, boxart, marquee, cartridge. (4 images mode automatically downloads them) (request from Pajarorojo on ARRM discord)
  • On a blank ARRM configuration, the media associated with WHEEL is assigned to the MARQUEE tag (request from Pajarorojo on ARRM discord)
  • Addition of an 'Add language' Checkbox in 'Scrape Options' tab: Finds languages ??in the file name when loading the gamelist and assigns it to the language field if it is empty. Also works with the 'Check Roms' button
  • Added the search for music on GamesDB when scraping on HFS-Db / Launchbox / TheGamesDB (if GamesDB music is checked in the Scrape Options tab)
  • Added titlescreen and favorite metadata in Pegasus exports (macche request on Discord ARRM)
  • Addition of a 'ScummVM folders' checkbox in the 'Gamelist Options' tab: allows, if Batocera is selected, to create <folder> tags with game information (enabled by default)
  • Correction: on HFS-Db sometimes screenshots present on HFS-Db were not found.
  • Correction: on HFS-Db sometimes the platforms were not mentioned in the search result.
  • Correction: When the 'Activation of 4 images mode' is not checked, some image media were not saved via the new scrape modules.
  • Correction: The existing folder tags are retrieved and rewritten when saving the gamelist.xml
  • Correction: Moved the 'Default image + video' button in the 'Images options' tab
  • Updated configuration files to support the following systems: Adventure Vision (advision), CD-i (cdi), CreatiVision (crvision), PV-1000 (pv1000), (gamecom), Gamate (gamate), TV Games (tvgames), Fujitsu FM-7 (fm7), Game Pocket Computer (gamepock), APF M-1000 (apfm1000), BBC Micro (bbc), Coleco ADAM (adam), Arcadia 2001 (arcadia ), Game Master (gmaster), Bally Astrocade (astrocade |), TI-99 (ti99), Tomy Tutor (tutor), Tandy Color Computer (coco), & Mega Duck (megaduck)
  • Addition of templates for these new systems. See:
  • Addition of a template: mix_neogeo_zengeek
  • Addition of teknoparrot in the configuration files (remember to check 'Ignore the platform on Lanchbox / TGDB / HFS' in the 'Batocera / Recalbox / Screenscraper' tab for better results on teknoparrot) (10/09/2021)

  • Added the functionality of dragging and dropping images directly from websites on the Mix'Me module. Video :
  • Possibility to filter the display of templates according to categories defined in the template XML. All XML has been updated. Video:
  • Updated configuration files for the next Recalbox 7.3
  • Addition of a “Media preview” checkbox (as well as a 'Media' button in the 'ROM Information' panel) allowing to have an overview of the existing media for the selected game. The checkbox automatically activates this preview which will also be visible in the Steam / Gog / HFS-DB / LaunchBox scrape modules. Video:
  • Addition of clickable Wikipedia and Youtube links on the LaunchBox module
  • Addition of 8 templates by RustyMG (BBC Model B, Dragon 32, LowRes-NX, Saturn, PC88, PC98, TRS-80 Color Computer, TI-99 / 4A)
  • Bug fix: The 'Game name' checkbox is taken into account
  • Bug Fix: Now, when the database is empty, the 'Information Rom' Panel is emptied and inactive
  • Bug fix: crash related to filters in search / replace modules
  • Fixed various bugs (09/25/2021)

  • Addition of a scrape module on Launchbox: Recovery of Boxart 2D / 3D media, Logo, Fanart, Screenshot, Titleshot, BoxBack, Cartridge, Marquee. See Wiki: (requested by Bob Morane on the ARRM Discord)
  • Added systemes_launchbox.txt file for association between your systems and Launchbox systems. Consider adapting it to your system directory names.
  • Addition of the video preview on HFS-Db
  • Addition of regions in the HFS-DB module (request from Nordipower)
  • Added a 'Ignore platform on LaunchBox / TGDB / HFS' checkbox in the 'Recalbox / Batocera / Screenscraper' tab. Allows not to filter on the platform when searching for a game (Request from TVslan on Discord ARRM)
  • Addition of a button dedicated to exports without needing to create the gamelist (request from Banbs on ARRM discord)
  • Improved search on HFS-Db for games containing in their title ':'
  • In unit mode, on TGBD, LaunchBox, GOG, Steam, HFS-Db scrape engines, it is possible to modify the textual elements before validation and to choose the textual elements to recover
  • In 'Auto Validation' mode activated, it is now possible to ignore games when the search returns more than one game, via the 'Ignore when # games> 1' checkbox (in order to avoid manually validating each game)
  • Taking into account of the decimal separator used for the correct display of the rating (it is normally no longer necessary to modify the decimal separator in the windows control panel)
  • Removed empty lines in the description when saving the gamelist (request from Trinidad Sweet on Discord ARRM)
  • Fixed a bug: Videos and manuals were not fetched from HFS-Db
  • Fixed a bug: on HFS-Db some games were not displayed even though they were found
  • Fixed a bug / crash when 'Strict Search' was checked and the system was not present in systemes_screenscraper.txt (thanks Trinidad Sweet)
  • Fixed a bug on HFS / Steam / GOG / TheGamesDB module when auto-selecting when only one game is returned (images were not fetched)
  • Fixed a bug which replaced the name of the game with the name of the cleaned game (detected by Nordicpower) (09/12/2021)

  • Gamelist creation is now faster for Windows / PS3 systems (requested by TVslan on Discord ARRM)
  • In the 'Tools' tab, the 'Backup configuration files' button allows you to save the ARRM configuration files as well as the associated registry keys. Wiki
  • In the 'Tools' tab, the 'Restore configuration files' button allows you to select and restore the ARRM configuration files as well as the associated registry keys
  • When using the 'Rename with DAT' button, the 'temporary' tag is filled in with the DAT file in which the rom was found.
  • when exporting to AttractMode format, the game description is saved in %romfile%.txt files in the Romlists save directory (the user must place them in the right place in his AttractMode configuration)
  • Fixed the export option in CSV format no longer worked (thanks HadoKen)
  • Fixed a bug which prevented to find the right platform (system) when your systems included capital letters in the files: systemes_screenscraper.txt, systemes_tgdb.txt, systemes_hfsdb.txt and systemes_gamesdatabase.txt (detected by Bob Morane on Discord ARRM)
  • Fixed a bug where extensions were not taken into account when system names were not lowercase in systemes_extensions.txt (thanks Bob Morane)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented saving image directory names in the folder tab (thank you [RGS] and Soaresden)
  • Fixed bug on 'Delete media' button, boxbacks were not deleted
  • Fixed a bug on loading the gamelist with the <folder> tag not containing the <image> tag or with the <image> tag empty
  • Fixed a bug where 'PC / DOS as files' as well as 'systemes_as_folder.txt' were not taken into account.
  • Fixed a bug when the 'system folder' only consisted of a drive name (E :, F: etc…) (thanks Knockthedoor)
  • Fixed a bug that deleted '-extra1' images when using the 'Delete unused images and videos' button. They are no longer deleted for the moment. (thank you Nordicpower)
  • Fixed various bugs (08/30/2021)

  • Fixed a bug where extensions were not taken into account when systems names weren't in lowercase in systemes_extensions.txt (thank you Bob Morane)
  • Fixed a bug which prevented saving image directories in the folder tab (thank you [RGS] and Soaresden)
  • Fixed bug on 'Delete media' button, boxbacks were not deleted
  • Fixed bug on loading gamelist with <folder> tag not containing <image> tag or with empty <image> tag
  • Added Scrape on HFS-DB. See the WIKI section which details how it works: (Requested by Bob Morane on ARRM discord)
  • Changed the Scrape on TheGamesDB which now works as HFS-DB. See the WIKI section which details how it works:
  • Fix bug where 'PC/DOS as files' as well as 'systemes_as_folder.txt' were not taken into account.
  • In the 'Tools' tab, the 'Backup configuration files' button allows you to save the ARRM configuration files as well as the associated registry keys (in %appdata%\nexouille soft\arrm\database\backup\%date%)
  • In the 'Tools' tab, the 'Restore configuration files' button allows you to select and restore the ARRM configuration files as well as the associated registry keys
  • When using the 'Rename with DAT' button, the 'temporary' tag is filled in with the DAT file in which the rom was found.
  • Fixed a bug when the 'system folder' consisted of only a drive name (E :, F: etc …) (thank you Knockthedoor)
  • Fixed a bug that deleted '-extra1' images when using the 'Delete unused images and videos' button. They are no longer deleted for the moment. (thank you Nordicpower)
  • Fixed various bugs (07/05/2021)

  • Fixed a bug when retrieving System Overlays if the Overlay checkbox was not checked (thanks Goldug)
  • Addition in the 'Systems' panel of a 'Unused Overlays' button which allows, for the selected systems, to display the list of unused Overlays. It is then possible to delete these overlays (and their configuration files) or to move it to a Backup directory. (Asked by Toniosj). See wiki :
  • Correction in the creation of the Retropie overlay configuration files (the extension of the game was missing in the cfg)
  • Update files to take into account the switch
  • Addition of 2 template: Nintendo Switch (normal and profile)
  • Addition of a button 'Rename via DAT' which modify the name of a game thanks to its CRC32 (hash) or its MD5 by doing a search in the DAT files. The 'Clean Name,'Add disc','Add country' checkboxes are applied if checked. CRC32 and MD5 are calculated before searching. See wiki :
  • Addition of a 'blank field' button in the 'Replacement' tab, allowing to empty the selected field for the selected roms.
  • Addition of md5 and hash (CRC) in the usable fields in the 'Replacement' tab.
  • Addition of a 'View Backup dir' button in 'Tools' tab which allows you to open the directory where the different gamelist backups are located.
  • Correction: manuals for the following countries were not taken in account ame, asi, au, bg, cn, cz, dk, fi, gr, hu, il, kw, mor, nl, no, nz, oce , pl, sk, se, tr, tw (thanks Soaresden)
  • Fixed a crash when loading a system when the hash of a game was greater than 255 characters (thanks Doze)
  • Addition of 2 templates for N-Gage and N-Gage QD by Soaresden (05/16/2021)

  • In the “Tools” tab, the button “Recover Wheels Systems” recovers the wheels & carbon wheels for the present systems and for the arcade from the systems contained in the files systemes_screenscraper.txt and arcadesystemname_long.txt. Wheels & Wheels carbon are included in this archive.
  • Addition of a “System” tag that can be used in the templates which displays the name of the system or for Arcade systems the name of the Arcade system. The media corresponds to the Wheel tag of the systems on screenscraper and is located in the directory : %appdata%\Nexouille Soft\arrm\ressources\logos_wheel\%system_name%.png (Wheels and Wheels carbon included in this archive). Read Wiki :
  • Added <extra1_add_black_borders> and <system_add_black_borders> tags in templates to add black borders on EXTRA1 and SYSTEM elements when they are undersized.
  • Added <extra1_add_black_borders> and <system_add_black_borders> tags in the affected templates
  • Removed the “Black Borders” checkbox for EXTRA1 in the “Media Assignment” screen replaced by the <extra1_add_black_borders> tag in the templates.
  • Addition of a template ArcadeHome modified to display the name of the system (system tag in the template)

  • Fixed a bug, when cleaning the name, the “aga” string was removed from the name. Thank you TVslan
  • Fixed crash bug when gametime was empty. Thank you nordicpower
  • Addition of 2 templates by Soaresden (xbox and ps3)
  • Addition of an 'Auto Hide cue/gdi/m3u' button in the 'Action on selected Roms' panel which allows to hide the files referenced in the .cue/.gdi/.m3u files
  • Addition of an 'Auto Hide cue/gdi/m3u' checkbox in the' Scrape Options' tab which allows, when loading a system, to hide the files referenced in the .cue files / .gdi / .m3u
  • Addition of 'Launch/Open' in the contextual menu of the Database: Allows you to launch a Rom if the extension is associated with an emulator, otherwise open the file with the program associated with the extension. Suggest by nordicpower
  • Addition of a 'Retroarch Overload' checkbox in the Gamelist tab, which allows, when saving the gamelist, to add the cores and emulators (present in the database) in a retroarch overload file for RECALBOX named 'rom'.recalbox file. conf which is in the Rom folder. If the overloads (global.emulator, global.core) already exist they are replaced. For this to work, Recalbox must be selected as the frontend. Read Wiki : (04/27/2021)

  • Fix a cartridge positioning bug on the templates (when the boxart is in portrait or cd mode)
  • Added templates for Pico-8, Watara supervision (supervision), Epoch Cassette Supervision (scv), Pocket Challenge v2 (pcv2), BK-0010/0011 / Terak 8510a (bk)
  • Added configuration files for Watara supervision (supervision), Epoch Cassette Supervision (scv), Pocket Challenge v2 (pcv2), BK-0010/0011 / Terak 8510a (bk), VIDEOPAC + (videopacplus), VIC-20 ( vic20)
  • The image search for customizing folders is now only done on 'folder-folder_name.png' (previously 'folder_name.png'
  • Addition of ? on some features that point to the corresponding wiki
  • Fix bug on 'video + overlay'
  • Fix bug : The 'PC/DOS: file mode' checkbox had no effect on the systems listed in 'systemes_as_folder.txt' (thank you toniosj)
  • Addition of the Extra1 media in the Mix'Me
  • Modification of several arcade themes to take into account the Extra1 media
  • Added a recoverable item (Extra1) to which you can assign a Media Screenscraper (Assignment of Media Screenscraper) and can be use in arrm template. (example: Marquee to have the Arcade marquee with the supplied pajarorrojo template : mix_arcade_moon_zoomed - marquee). This element is not written to the gamelist. Pajarorrojo request.
  • Added a templates pack by Pajarorrojo
  • Media themehs, extra1, music are now moved when the 'move roms' button is used
  • Media themehs, extra1, music are now deleted when the 'delete media' button is used
  • Added 'De / Select All' button in 'Force Media Download (Screenscraper)' section (04/11/2021)

  • The systems to be managed as directories (PC, DOS, Windows, PS3 …) are indicated in the file systemes_as_folder.txt
  • In tools, addition of a combobox allowing to edit the ARRM config files.
  • Addition of a checkbox in the “Gamelist Options” tab which allows on Batocera when saving the gamelist to save the core / emulator per game in a text file. You just have to copy the lines of this file into your batocera.conf file
  • Addition of a combobox in the “Arcade” tab which allows you to select in your database the Arcade Roms whose selected core is the best. You can then apply the desired core / emulator to these Roms using the 'Reinit Core / Emulator' button, based on Roslof's file: This is an alternative to the 'Update Core' button which is now located in the same 'Arcade' tab. See tutorial :
  • Addition of a checkbox 'Check if media exists' in the 'General options' tab: When loading the gamelist, checks if the referenced media exist locally, otherwise the media reference is deleted from the database
  • Modification of the button 'Media exists?' in panel 'Actions possible on selected Roms': When loading the gamelist, checks if the referenced media exist locally, otherwise the media reference is deleted from the database. If the 'Find missing images' checkbox is checked in the 'General options' tab, ARRM tries to find the media locally “)
  • Support des tags BOXBACK, KIDGAME, GAMETIME dans les gamelists.
  • Boxback can now be used in your Mix templates. cf Wiki Create your own template for ARRM
  • Boxback, Titleshot, and Fanart are now downloadable from TheGamesDB
  • Added boxback and overlay in HTML Generator
  • When “No image, only texts” is checked, only the media checked in the 'Force Media Download' section are recovered.
  • The 'Check ScreenScraper' Button now displays Scrape quotas / limitations on Screenscraper
  • 'Recompose image' is faster
  • Addition of a converter from Overlay Recalbox to Overlay Batocera in the 'Tools' tab (indicate the path of the recalbox overlays folder, then the path of the temporary folder which will host the converted overlays). See tutorial :
  • The name of the Batocera bezels/overlays folders can be changed in the 'Folders' tab (formerly ARRM created a 'mybezels4-3' and 'mybezels16-9' folder)
  • Checking and normalization of folder names in the 'Folders' tab to avoid inadvertent deletion when using the 'Delete unused images and videos' button in the 'Images Options' tab
  • Moved the gamelist export checkboxes in the 'Gamelist' tab
  • Checkbox 'Export as Pegasus', allows to save the gamelist.xml in a metadata.txt format in the system directory. Can be used with the FrontEnd Pegasus (request of ExarKunIv from the Retropie forum). See tutorial :
  • Checkbox 'Export as Attract Mode', allows to save the gamelist.xml in the Romlists folder of Attractmode in an AttractMode compatible format. Remember to indicate this Romlist folder in the 'Folders' tab. (request from BadFurDay from the Retropie forum). See tutorial :
  • Modification of the database in order to have a visualization of genres when loading an Arcade romset without gamelist.xml. This allows you to make selections on unwanted genres and also clones in order to remove them.
  • Added an 'Arcade Clone' button in Arcade Tab that allows you to search and filter Clones of Roms for Arcade systems. The line (Clone Of: rom_name → rom_title) is added in the 'temoporary_rom' field . The filter (temporary_rom like '*Clone Of:*') is added to the filters of the Query combobox
  • When loading roms from Arcade systems without gamelist.xml, ARRM indicates if the rom is a clone in the description field and the temporary field (Clone Of : rom_name → rom_title). Useful for removing clones before launching a scrape.
  • Single instance verification of the application at launch
  • Screenscraper custom dates are now supported
  • Addition of a 'Mix Box Cartridge Game & Watch' template by Mickael D.
  • Takes into account new systems
  • Fixed various bugs (02/24/2021)

  • ARRM can retrieve the coordinates of Bezels now present in the ScreenScraper API in order to create the overlays configuration files. If the coordinates do not exist or if the following checkbox is checked 'ONLY use ARRM detection of viewport for Bezels' (Scrape Options tab), ARRM will use its old method of detecting coordinates. (02/20/2021)

  • Possibility of recovering the following media as desired (Screenshot, Boxart, Marquee, Cartridge) without having to go through MIX mode (in Text mode only). Useful if you want to add a particular media.
  • Added systems included in Batocera 30 beta
  • Modification of the Database with addition of the field 'arcadesystemname_rom' (see below)
  • Added <arcadesystemname> tag (Batocera). Allows to automatically add the name of the arcade system during the scrape. Used in creation of arcade collections.
  • Fixed a bug that generated KO requests when searching with MD5 or GameID
  • The gamelist backups directory is no longer located in the system directory but in the %appdata%\Nexouille soft\arrm\temp\backup\%systeme%
  • Removed ”-themehs“ from the file name of recovered hyperspin themes
  • Deletion of the logs_arrm directory in the directory of the scraped system. Now this log is in %appdata%\Nexouille Soft\arrm\temp
  • Italian language (button + tooltip) updated by Michele / Retrogamer Italia:
  • Add template : Skraper Mix4 HD 4:3 by SegaRally
  • Add 2 templates : Amiga Old Room and Amiga Desktop from Giovanni Minopoli
  • Add templates from RustyMG (01/02/2021)

  • Correction of the overlays path for games under Batocera (now each game overlay is placed in a corresponding system subfolder)
  • Fixed a bug when creating overlay configuration files on Batocera (missing :)
  • Update of the configuration files for the creation of overlays on Recalbox/Retropie. #video_shader_enable = “true” and input_overlay_hide_in_menu = “true” (olivierdroid92 and toniosj).
  • Addition of a button 'Resize Overlays' in the panel 'Possible actions on selected Roms' which allows to resize the existing overlays. See tooltip on the button for more explanation. See wiki :
  • Addition of a 'GamesDatabase Music' checkbox in the 'Scrap Options' tab which allows during a scrape to retrieve, on the Gamesdatabase site, musics if not present. A <music> tag will be written in the gamelist.xml (usable with my JVB_Quizz game :
  • Addition of a button 'Recover music' in the panel 'Actions possible on selected Roms' which allows to extract the audio track of the videos if the video exists or to go to seek it on the site GamesDatabase. A <music> tag will be written in the gamelist.xml (usable with my JVB_Quizz game :
  • Addition of a music folder in the Folder tab where the mp3s recovered via the options above will be stored.
  • Permutation of Dev / Manufacturer when creating XML for Hyperspin.
  • During a scrap on Screenscraper, if a manual is not found, a search is launched on GamesDatabase (12/12/2020)

  • Addition of a 'Compress Overlays' checkbox in the 'Images options' tab which allows to compress resized overlays.
  • Bug fix: when loading gamelists the titleshot tag was not loaded
  • Addition of a combobox “Global Filter” which allows to apply a filter during multi system processing (scrape or recompose). Enter the filter in the textbox or select an already created filter.

Click on ? for help or on the eye to edit the list of filters (taken into account the next time ARRM is launched

  • The values of the <kid> and <adult> tags are now lowercase (true / false). (True / False could cause problems. Open the gamelist in ARRM then save it to correct the problem))
  • Capitalization of the first letter of the values of the <developer> and <publisher> tags, except for the words which are entirely in capitals, which are considered as acronyms.
  • Added a 'Hyperspin Theme' checkbox in the 'Images Options' tab, allowing you to retrieve the game's Hyperspin theme in .zip format. You can configure the folder for the theme in the 'Folders' tab
  • Addition of the JP (japan) region in the “Default” profile for prioritization of regions. (medias assignment screen)
  • Removed invalid characters sometimes causing XML errors when fetching information from Screenscraper
  • When creating an M3U (for multi disk), the created file takes the attributes (media and text) of the first file in the list.
  • Following a scrape on Screenscraper, if the returned XML file is defective (parasitic characters or others) the scrape no longer crashes. A file listing games with bad XML is fed into% appdata% \ nexouille soft \ arrm \ temp \ bad_xml_games.txt with the error.
  • In the replacement module, it is possible to replace by putting field names with the format databasefieldname
  • Bug fix: stop videos when no system or more than 1 system is selected (11/21/2020)

  • Added a 'Rate me' button to rate a game and send the rating to Screenscraper. You must have an account on screenscraper and that it is entered in ARRM. See:
  • Support for <kid>, <adult>, <id> (Screenscraper Game Id) tags
  • Addition in the 'Information Rom' Panel of the GameID, Kid and Adult fields
  • Addition of a 'Use GameID' checkbox which allows, when the GameID is entered, to search in priority with the GameID on Screenscraper. (it is possible to force the scrap of a particular game by entering its gameid and checking 'Use GameID')
  • Addition of an option 'Html condensed without image' when creating the HTML file, allows to have a display in the form of table without image. See ;
  • Reorganization of tags in the gamelist (more readable)
  • Removal of the unnecessary 'Box 3D' checkbox: the choice of the boxart format is made in the “Assignment of media screenscraper” menu
  • Correction of a bug in the replacement module: modification of a value of a field
  • Bug correction: when Mix and Recover Video were checked, the video was retrieved twice
  • Fixed bug when moving rom between directories

- (11/11/2020)

  • Addition in the Bezels / Overlays section (Images Options tab) of a custom button that allows you to resize the Overlays + their configuration file to the desired screen size
  • Taking into account of the new path for system overlays on Recalbox> 7.0
  • The 'Missing overlays' button now automatically selects the Roms that do not have an overlay (the search is done in the overlays directory).
  • Addition of a “Copy Pad2Key” button which allows to send, for the selected systems, a generic .p2k.cfg file ( found in %appdata%\nexouille soft\arrm\ressources ) (thank you soaresden)
  • The pad2key files for Batocera are recoverable (rom_file.keys format) during scrape. You must have checked the 'Pad 2 Key cfg' checkbox in the 'Scrape Options' tab
  • Update of the various configuration files for the new Batocera-29 systems
  • Addition of a “TopStaff → Favorites” checkbox in the “Scrap Options” tab which puts in favorites the games selected by the Screenscraper team.
  • Addition of an 'HTML systems' button in the 'Tools' tab which generates an HTML file, very basic, for the selected systems, allowing to view the content of each system (roms, images, manual, video, textual information ). On large systems, processing can take a long time. View : and
  • Addition of a template (classic and video+overlay) mix_screenscraper_birthday
  • Bug correction: when using MixMe, if the source image was in the media directory, the suffix (-fanart, -boxart etc …) was not added.
  • Fixed a bug with the button 'Delete unused images and videos' which removed images suffixed '-map' (thanks soaresden)
  • Fixed the behavior of the 'Get Video' button on the 'Images options' tab
  • Fixed a bug: when moving a rom via the 'move to a folder' button the .p2k.cfg file was not moved (thank you soaresden)

- (10/27/2020)

  • Fix connection problems on Screenscraper
  • Addition of a 'Video+Overlay' button allowing to create Video + Overlay (like the birthday videos of Screenscraper) based on the ARRM templates. They have the suffix -mixvideo.
This 'Video+Overlay' feature needs the media to be present in the database (boxart, cartridge, wheel, video) because it will recompose a mix (without screenshot) with the media already present, which it will overlay on the video by applying a template. It is therefore necessary that the '4 images' mode of ARRM has been activated. Warning: incompatible with the templates offering screenshots in perspective. We can define a directory dedicated to these videos. It is also possible to put them in the video tag. Specific compression settings for these video + overlays are available in the 'Tools' tab.

A 'template_association_video.txt' file is used to associate templates with systems when creating 'video+overlay'.
By default the new template 'mix_video1' is associated with all systems.
A 'template_association_video.NEXT_PIXEL' file is included containing the associations for the templates of the NEXT_PIXEL theme. Rename it to 'template_association_video.txt' if you want to use it.
A folder reserved for video templates has been created, it is located in the directory: '%appdata%\Nexouille soft\arrm\ressources\templates_video\'
You can retrieve the usual templates located in '%appdata%\Nexouille soft\arrm\ressources\templates\', copy them to this directory ( '%appdata%\Nexouille soft\arrm\ressources\templates_video\' ) and modify them to adapt them to your needs.
When using the 'Video+Overlay' button ARRM checks for the existence of the template_association_video.txt file and applies the video template associated with the current system (auto_template enabled). If the template_association_video.txt file does not exist, ARRM will apply the usual templates (template_association.txt)

  • Improved media management in the MixMe module (the selected media are no longer copied into the destination directory with their original name)
  • Fixed bug in mass replacement
  • Stop loading if corrupt gamelist.xml
  • Addition of GenreID in the 'ROM Informations' Panel
  • Addition of a combobox displaying the label of the genreID. It is possible to choose the genreID via the combobox or by writing it in the dedicated textbox. By clicking on the eye you can view the genreid→ label association file

- (10/17/2020)

  • Addition of a contextual menu on the database (right click on the database to make it appear)
  • The 'Check ARRM updates' button now indicates the presence of a Beta / Patch
  • Fixed the 'systemes_tgdb.txt' file which generated an error when scraping with ''
  • Fixed a bug when moving game from one system to another
  • During a complete installation the file “template_association.txt” is copied as “template_association.ARRM”. When executing ARRM, if no existing “template_association.txt” file is present, the “template_association.ARRM” file is copied into “template_association.txt”. This is in order not to overwrite your personalization of the file.
  • Addition of an “All mpas” checkbox in the 'images options' tab which allows you to retrieve all the available maps. Only the first will be assigned to the <map> tag of the gamelist
  • The button 'Delete unused images and videos' can be applied on multisystems (several systems checked)
  • Fixed a bug when changing the interface language (switching from French or English to other languages causes a blockage)
  • Added corrected templates_association for new Recablox 7.0 systems
  • Correction of the media path when they do not start with ./ in gamelist.xml (case of media scraped via the internet scraper Recalbox 7.0, which prevented ARRM from displaying the media scraped via Recalbox) (Thank you Flomartin)
  • Addition of a “Replacements” tab which allows you to filter and then apply modifications / replacements on the database. See wiki : (Suggestion Nordicpower)

- (10/03/2020)

  • Added new systems from Recalbox 7.0
  • Media names have been shortened. Examples:
  1. Before: A.E. (USA) (Proto) _screenscraper_boxart_arrm.png, A.E. (USA) (Proto) _screenscraper_screenshot_arrm.png…
  2. Now: A.E. (USA) (Proto)-boxart.png, A.E. (USA) (Proto)-screenshot.png…
  • New “Folders” tab in which you can configure the paths for each of the media (image, screenshot, boxart, wheel, cartridge, titleshot, map, fanart, manual, video)
  • Added TAGs: MANUAL, MAP, FANART and TITLESHOT (available on Batocera 5.27)
  • In the “Images Options” tab, addition in the “Force Media Download” section of the MAP, FANART and TITLESHOT media
  • In the form 'Assignment of media Screenscraper, addition of TAGs: MAP, FANART and TITLESHOT. It is now possible to reference, in the MIX templates of ARRM, the FANART and TITLESHOT tags.
  • Addition of a button “Check for missing images when loading gamelist.xml”: When a gamelist.xml is loaded, if Media Tags are empty, ARRM tries to find the missing media locally
  • Added a “Manual (magnifying glass)” and “Manuel +” button to read a manual or add one to a Rom
  • Some options have been put in drop-down lists to save space (“Folders” tab, “Images Options”, the filters “without xxx” and “ROM Information”)
  • Removed a bug when using the “Delete Image” button
  • Mix'Me module now accepts FANART and TITLESHOT
  • In the filters, addition of WITH and WITHOUT to filter the TAGS WITH or WITHOUT media
  • Addition of a “Query” combobox, in the Filters panel, which allows you to compose your own filter and find the history of personalized filters. Click on the ? to know the syntax (MS Access Sql) and the eye icon to see the history of custom filters
  • Various bugs fixed
  • Taking into account the 'model2','model3' ,'mugen' systems under
  • Addition of a 'Force' checkbox in the 'Gamelist Options' tab which allows to save the gamelist.xml without displaying the dialog box (Suggestions from Nordicpower)
  • Fix bugs in query (Thanks Nordicpower)
  • Addition of the Solarus system (present in the next Recalbox 7.0)
  • Fixed a bug that renamed the rom file in lowercase when moving rom to a subfolder (Thanks Nordicpower)
  • In the “Search” tab, the “Genre” combobox is replaced by a 2 comboboxes (combobox on the available fields in Database, and combobox on the values associated with this field). It is also possible to type the text you want in the combobox (Suggestions from Nordicpower)
  • Addition of a BatoceraPlus checkbox in the 'Batocera / Screenscraper / TGDB' tab to manage the 'Windows', 'Linux' system with the .plus extension and the 'Flash' system with the .swf extension
  • Taking into account the 'windows' , 'linux' systems under
  • Fix an API problem on

Windows, Linux, model2, model3, Mugen systems under BatoceraPlus can mix both directories with the extension .plus and compressed files with the extension .plus If you want to put a compressed .plus file in a subdirectory, be careful not to name this directory as .plus. The .plus directories are reserved for decompressed games.

If you use BatoceraPLUS and use personalized images + text for your subfolders, you must now name your images and txt files with the suffix 'folder-' For users of other systems it is recommended to do the same.

Example: You have a PopCap GAMES sub-folder in your windows system under BatoceraPLUS: \\batocera\share\roms\windows\PopCap GAMES\ You will have to put the image relative to the folder with the same name as the .png folder. with the suffix “folder-” Example: \\batocera\share\roms\windows\PopCap GAMES\folder-PopCap GAMES.png The image is necessary to take this tip into account You can also put a description of the folder (optional) in a text file (.txt) with the same name as the folder and with the suffix “folder-”. Example: \\batocera\share\roms\windows\PopCap GAMES\folder-PopCap GAMES.txt

- (06/20/2020)

  • Correction of a bug in the module 'System sorter, sort es_systems.cfg' in 'Tools' tab. On batocera, ARRM was unable to recover the original es_systems.cfg.
  • Database update: core update for games on ARCADE systems (fbneo, mame, neogeo …). This database is used via the 'Update Core' button.
  • Addition of a button 'Check Screenscraper' to check status of Screenscraper server (API closed or opened for members/non members …).
  • Fixed a bug that could crash the application when selecting multiple systems.
  • Addition of a button 'Resize' with textbox width and height in 'Images Options' tab, allowing when it is checked to resize all the images with the indicated dimensions. Works in Scrap or Recompose image. The template's <resize> tag takes precedence over this resize (request from Jay).

- (05/12/2020)

  • Addition of an 'Add to collection' button in the database which allows Batocera & Retropie users to select the Roms to put in an existing collection or of its choice. If collection exists, Roms are added. See WIKI : Add Roms to a collection

- (05/09/2020)

  • Add a button 'Use ARRM gamelist' which allows you to use the gamelist_ARRM.xml file (created when saving a gamelist) instead of the gamelist.xml which could have been modified by the frontend and thus was able to delete the custom tags used by ARRM. Wiki :
  • Addition of a checkbox 'ZIP gamelist.xml' in the tab 'Gamelist Options' which allows to zip the gamelist.xml
  • Addition of a button 'Create M3U' to create .M3U files used for the multi-disc. See Wiki:
  • Addition of a checkbox 'Pad to Keyboard cfg' in the tab 'Scrap Options', allowing to recover, on Screenscraper, for a Rom the configuration file .p2k.cfg. This file allows to assign keyboard keys to a gamepad. Useful for computers on Recalbox. Usable in the next version of Recalbox. For more information see:
  • Addition of a 'Pad 2 Keyb' button for systems and Roms allowing to edit the .p2k.cfg file
  • Addition of the tag <genreid> (numeric id) in the gamelist.xml. It allows you to normalize the genre (only 1 genre) and can be used in a future version of Recalbox to make filters on this <genreid>. The <genreid> is recovered during the scrape. The <gender> tag remains present.
  • Addition of the tag <adult> in the gamelist (set to true if one of the genres contains adult otherwise to false) which will be used in a future version of recalbox
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Mix'Me module to crash after a template change (thank you Nordicpower)
  • Ability to capitalize textual info when saving the gamelist.xml (button: 'XML in uppercase' under the gamelist.xml creation button) Request from Pegoncology. Please note: you can only go back to lower case by rewriting the texts.
  • Export test of the gamelist.xml in hyperspin format (button: 'Export as Hyperspin XML' under the create button of the gamelist.xml)
  • Correction of a sorting problem when clicking on the columns of the database
  • Correction of a bug on the Dev preview overlay when a priority overlay was present
  • Various bug fixes

- (04/16/2020)

  • If user doesn't have windows media player, application will not crash anymore, but video will not display
  • Addition of the maximum speed according to the number of participation on Screenscraper in the form 'Login Screenscraper'
  • Adding a button 'Force MD5 before scraping' in the tab 'Scrap Options' allows to calculate the MD5 (if not already present), before the scrap. The research of information will be done in priority via the MD5 of the Rom
  • if MD5 is used, search doesn't use systemeID anymore, nor the filename. This makes it possible to recover the visuals and textual info of identical Rom but belonging to another platform.
  • If the preset media order = “ manual ” is selected, the order information entered manually will be taken into account.
  • If speedup is activated (Tools tab) the TheGamesDB tables are not loaded at launch. Faster launch
  • The bezels / overlays now follow the rules of prioritization by country

- (03/26/2020)

  • Correction of a bug displaying : “Request max per day exceeded : - / - , Scrap Aborted”

- (03/08/2020)

  • Adding an Undock / Dock button above the database allowing to Attach or Detach the window from the database of the main window, and which can thus be resized.
  • Memorization of the size of the database window during an undock.
  • Addition of information in the space freed up by the database following an undock
  • Addition of Requestsperday and KoRequestperday info in the Scrap options tab
  • When scraping on screenscraper, check if the user does not exceed the quotas (max request per day and max ko request per day). Scrape stop if overshoot.
  • Fixed a bug when adding disc AND adding country, when the title of the disc in the filename is DISC instead of DISK

- (15/02/2020)

  • Addition of the 'marquee' and 'flyer' in the elements downloadable on screenscraper (see screen 'assignment of media screenscraper'). These two elements are essentially available for the arcade and absent from other systems.
  • Addition of countries: ame, asi, au, bg, cn, cz, dk, fi, gr, hu, il, kw, mor, nl, no, nz, oce, pl, sk, se, tr, tw for the media / text search (all countries present in screenscraper are now managed)
  • From now on, we can associate a country priority for each media (screenshot, boxart, marquee, cartridge) centralized in the form 'Assignment of media screenscraper'
  • Presets (customizable) of priority are available via a combobox in the tab 'images options' and also in the form 'Assignment of media screenscraper' (thanks Andearoid for the suggestion)
  • Addition of a button to reload the country priorities file following a modification of the file.
  • Removal of the Force Media option, because this to be made/personalized via the presets.
  • You can choose between video and video-normalized
  • Added the value '–ERASE–' in the combo box 'Thumbnail' of the media allocation screen 'Screenscraper'. If '–ERASE–' is selected, the 'thumbnail' tag will not be written to the 'gamelist.xml'
  • Added the value '–ERASE–' in the combo box 'Marquee' of the media allocation screen 'Screenscraper'. If '–ERASE–' is selected, the tag 'marquee' will not be written in the 'gamelist.xml'
  • Correction of country priority bug on description, date and genre.
  • Correction of a bug on the recognition of Disk

- (02/02/2020)

  • Adding the thumbnail field to the database
  • Delete user login info in scrape_log.txt
  • Add a button 'Media Order →' (in the Scrap Options tab) to force the search for media (image) in the order of the countries indicated in the associated textbox. The 'force media / Only' options remain active. See the info bubbles for more info.
  • Add a button 'Text order →' (in the Scrap Options tab) to force the search for texts in the order of the countries indicated in the associated textbox. See bubble info for more info.
  • Add a button 'Assign media 'Screenscraper' (in the General Options tab) leading to a window to assign media screenscraper to the tags of the gamelist.xml
  • Via the 'Assignment of media 'Screenscraper' form, it is now possible to assign to the TAG thumbnail one of the following elements BOXART, SCREENSHOT, CARTRIDGE, MARKED, MIX, IMAGE. Thumbnail will be created when the gamelist.xml is saved.
  • Now ARRM retrieves video-normalized videos from Screenscraper instead of videos, which are mostly smaller in size and the user can choose not to compress them.
  • Update of the internal Mame database. Used to retrieve Mame/Fb/Neogeo game names during the initial loading before scraping (Andearoid request).
  • Fixed TheGamesDB API that's back online
  • Find some more bezels/overlays *
  • Added 2 fields 'manual' and 'region' in 'Export gamelist to CSV'.
  • Add button 'Send debug info to developer' to send automaticaly scrape_log.txt + arrm_launch.txt to developer.
  • Added 'countries' CUS, KR, and CA when searching for media.
  • Changed the 'Strict search' button: now only retrieves games whose platformID matches the platform being searched for (previously PlatformId or ParentId).
  • Added a line on the status of Screenscraper when quota overrun, api closed …
  • Fix bug on disk number extraction
  • Fix bug on the recovery of genres in languages other than Fr
  • 2 templates from Toniosj (Nintendo SNES cartridge pad, Sega Megadrive Cartridge Pad)

- (18/01/2020)

  • Bug fix (application crash) when switching from rom to favorites / hidden / normal.
  • Bug fix (application crash) when clicking on 'Check name via MD5' button
  • When deleting METADATA, it is possible to select the elements whose content will be deleted by checking the elements in the 'ROMS Information' panel.
  • Addition of a button 'strict search' which allows to retrieve only the games whose PlateformId or ParentId corresponds to the sought platform (request from Khan-Dam).
  • Move the scrape_log.txt in% appdata% \ Nexouille soft \ arrm \ temp \ scrape_log.txt.
  • Addition of 3 templates CPS1, CPS2 and CPS3 created by Khan-Dam.
  • Addition of a TurboGrafX-CD template

- (12/31/2019)

  • Addition of a checkbox '→ 1280×1024' in the Images tab Options, allowing to convert the overlays 4/3 (systems and games) recovered (natively in 1024×768 on screenscraper) to a resolution of 1280×1024
  • Optimization of the management / recovery / conversion of overlays.
  • Update of the 'overlays_path.txt' file. Corrects the path of system overlays (console) formerly: system/.config/retroarch/overlays now: system/configs/retroarch/overlays (thanks Gonzo09)
  • Update of the file 'systemes_screenscraper.txt'. Correct the association system names ↔ system names on screenscraper for CaveStory and Atari800 (thanks Kevinnash)

- (12/26/2019)

  • Redesign of the template selection module. It is now possible to assign a template by system, default template via the module without having to edit the file 'template_association.txt' . cf Wiki:
  • Addition of a link (?) On the various interface panels allowing access to the dedicated section of WIKI
  • Removed the animated message 'Processing'
  • Addition of 2 templates mix_box_cartridge_v2 and mix_box_marquee_cartridge _v2

- (12/14/2019)

  • Fixed many bugs
  • Change the notation of the games to be in agreement with the themes.
  • Added a 'Compress image' checkbox giving the user the choice to compress or not the images.
  • Target .NET framework 4.5.2 or higher
  • Number of calls made per day and maximum number of calls allowed on screenscraper visible via 'login screenscraper', 'Check identifier'

- (11/30/2019)

  • Modification of the filter panel: now it is a panel with tab: 'Filters', 'Research'. Wiki :
  • Modification of the filter panel + add checkboxes 'without screenshot', 'without boxart', 'without mark', 'without manual'
  • The search by keyword on the roms can be done independently on the name of the game, name of rom or description
  • The 'Select all', 'All deselected' and 'No filter' buttons are accessible directly for the 'Filters' and 'Search' modules (request from Andearoid JujuVinceBros forum)
  • Add a 'Manual' field in the database
  • Added a 'Region' field (of the form 'us, eu, jp …) in the database containing the regions of a given game.
  • Display region flags in mixes if the <region> tag is true. Customizable in template files (region1 and region2 tags). All templates have been updated to allow the display of flags. wiki :
  • If no regions available, possibility to display the 'World' flag via the checkbox 'World Flag?' in the Tools tab

  If you want to display them, edit the xml of the template edit the tag <region> to TRUE (request of foclabroc on discord jujuvincebros)

  • Button 'Add Flag' in tab 'Tools' allows to add the flags to the image without having to re-scrape. The template selected must be the one originally used on the existing image and have the <region1> and <region2> tags that indicate the position of the flag. Note: the <region> true </ region> tag is not needed.
  • Added a button 'Recover Media' in the panel 'Tools' to recover, on Screenscraper, the wheels of the present systems. (allows for updated system wheels for display in the 'Information Rom' panel)
  • Checkbox in front of the textual elements of the 'ROM Information' panel. Only checked items are refreshed during a scrap. (Jay's request on Recalbox forum) wiki :
  • Remove the 'Auto Association Association' button from the 'Systems' panel, redundant with the 'Auto template' button
  • Now in 4-image mode, the screenshot is saved in its native format without adding “black bars”
  • Modification of the template 'super famicom' and addition of the template 'snes us' (request of Andearoid forum JujuVinceBros)
  • Checkbox 'Only' for 'Force media' in tab 'images options': if checked only the media of the checked country are retrieved. No fallback to other media available. (request from Andearoid JujuVinceBros forum)
  • Added a combobox to choose between Handbrake and FFmpeg for video compression. (request from Andearoid on JujuVinceBros forum and thanks for the settings)
  • Addition of a checkbox ”.ZIP“ allowing to prioritize the calculation of the MD5 / CRC32 on the file contained in the .ZIP / .7z during mass calculation of the CRC32/MD5 or Check name with MD5 or Hash (crcC32)

- (11/16/2019=)

  • Compressed .7z files are also used when searching for MD5 in the archive.
  • Correction of the search by MD5. ARRM finds a more games. (thanks Andearoid for the numerous detailed tests).
  • Added a “Recompose Image” button for multisystems (when more than one system is selected) : Application of templates without having to rescrap
  • Addition of a “without video” button in addition to the “without image” button for multisystem scrap (when more than one system is selected). If both are checked the roms without video OR without image will be processed.
  • Added a button 'Compress selected video' in the tab 'Tools' to recompress the videos of selected roms
  • Modification of the filters 'without image', 'without description', 'without video' which are now checkboxes. The logical operator and / or apply to all conditions. (KhanDam's request on the JujuVinceBros forum)
  • Added tags in the xml Mix templates: <item boxart_align = “true / false” /> and <item cartridge_align = “true” /> which allow to center the boxart and the cartridge in the image area defined in the mix. Currently available in the template Next_Pixel_GameAndWatch
  • Database update: rom / core arcade
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Added 'NeoGeo Mini' template from KhanDam

- (10/05/2019)

  • Automatic association of templates by system via the template selection menu. You no longer need to edit the template_association.txt file manually.

Operating mode:
Select a single system, then click on 'Show Mix Model' to select the desired template, then confirm.
If you wish to modify the default template: Do not select any system and click on 'Choose Mix Template', then confirm.
The system / template association will be saved in the template_association.txt file

  • Added several templates: Famicom, DOS (profile), MSX TurboR, Othello Multivision, Sega Mark III, Sharp X1, Spectravideo, Super Famicom, TurboGrafX.
  • Update systems for Recalbox / Batocera
  • fix bug when filtering game title containing a simple quote (thx virus-man)

- (09/12/2019)

  • Taking into account the new Amiga tree on Batocera 5.23; Amiga systems are no longer under the Amiga directory, but in the amiga, amigacdtv and amigacd32 directories directly in roms.
  • Added 2 templates displaying boxart: “Box Marquee Cartridge” and “Box cartridge”
  • update of the core / emulator for Batocera / Recalbox

- (06/14/2019)

  • Add chinese translation of the interface (thanks Lyon)

- (06/10/2019)

  • The logs are centralized in a subdirectory (logs_arrm) of the selected system.
  • When 'Keep rom name' is checked, 'Add disk' & 'clean name' are disabled
  • Database update: rom / core arcade compatibility (BestArcade4Recalbox-19-05-09).
  • Add in the tools tab of a textbox to modify the compression parameters of pngequant (request of Ismaily T. M. on the JujuVinceBros facebook page)
  • Added in the tools tab a button 'Update Best Arcade Core' to update the database with the best core arcade based games. Uses the files 'fba_libretro.csv', 'mame2003.csv', 'mame2010.csv' from BestArcade4Recalbox-19-05-09. These files are located in '%appdata%\nexouille soft\arrm\database'. The 'Update Core' button uses this database.

- (05/31/2019)

  • When adding disk taking into account of [Part x of x] in the file name
  • When adding disk taking into account references memory sizes (16k) (48k) (128k). I use it for my collection of Roms Zx Spectrum which proposed 3 sizes different memories and therefore slightly different Roms.
  • Taking into account the video during a recompose image if the video file is present (Jay's request from the forum Recalbox)
  • Ability to add a video manually to a Rom via the 'Video' button in the game card (Jay's request from the forum Recalbox)
  • Ability to stop the various treatments applied to selected Roms.
  • Ability to modify the timeout value on web requests (via the 'Tools' tab). Increase the value when scrap server is overloaded.
  • Use the 32bits or 64bits version of pngequant (compressor PNG) depending on your environment.
  • When recovering Video only, '4 images' mode does not need to be activated.
  • Ability to recover the 'cartridge' as the default image.
  • When launching a scrap with overlay, the previous file “_missing_overlays_% SYSTEM% .txt” is saved with the current date.
  • Added the SNES CD template

- (05/18/2019)

  • Fixed a bug that crashed the application when duplicate search returned too many items.
  • Fixed bug when searching with keywords and with filters
  • Changed path for systems overlay path for recalbox in 'overlays_path.txt' file : /recalbox/share/system/configs/retroarch/overlays changed to /recalbox/share/system/.config/retroarch/overlays

- (05/17/2019)

  • Fixed the bug that prevented the v application from getting started with new users.
  • Added a splashScreen at launch.

- (05/14/2019)

  • Typing on a letter in the database (if sorted in alphabetical order), positions the index on the first name of game found starting with this letter (request from Zing forum Recalbox)
  • Following the deletion of Rom, the index is positioned on the next element and does not come back to the beginning of the list (request from Zing forum Recalbox)
  • System Sorting / The sorting of the es_systems.cfg is now possible on Retropie.
  • Added a 'retropie' checkbox to launch the 'Stop and Reboot EmulationStation' scripts, to manage the specificities of overlays Retropie, and the SystemSorter specified to Retropie (request of morenr1 on the retropie forum)
  • Can retrieve and create overlays configuration files for Recalbox, Batocera and Retropie
  • Added a 'filter duplicate games' button on the Game name or on the file name which allows to filter the Roms whose name of the game or the file name (without extension) appears on other Roms. Example for ARRM: 1943 and 1943kai will be listed as duplicated because 1943 appears in 1943kai (thanks to Zing for testing)
  • Added a 'Screen Title' checkbox to get the game's Screen Title instead of the screenshot. If checked, it can be used as a Screenshot or in the Mix. (request of ExarKunIv on Retropie forum)
  • Add a “Europe Media” checkbox to retrieve Europe's special media if present. (Lucinda's request on recalbox forum)
  • Added an 'SS Media' checkbox to force SS media recovery (specifically created by Screenscraper)
  • Added a checkbox 'add country' that adds the country, at the end of the game name, if this information is present in the name of the rom file.

  If the MD5 of the game is filled in, ARRM can retrieve on screenscraper the information of the Country of Rom, during a scrap or during a 'Verif name via MD5' (API V2 only)). With the MD5 the country information will be more complete.

  • Tag Marquee and Video are now written in the gamelist.xml, in order to use these features in Batocera v5.21 and Retropie.
  • Textbox to indicate a way for the videos (request of morenr1 forum retropie)
  • If the mode '4 images' is not selected, only the tags 'image', 'video' and 'marquee' are now saved (previously boxart, screenshot, marquee, mix, cartridge were saved in the gamelist.xml) (request from kevinnash forum Recalbox)
  • His played (Back to the Future locomotive) at the end of a scrap. The sound can be activated via a checkbox 'Its end scrap' in the tab 'General options' (request of Kevinnash forum Recalbox).
  • Line breaks and tabs are taken into account in the textbox 'description'. (bug brought back by Zing)
  • Backup paths for overlay images, overlay configuration files and input_overlay 'can be set via a config file
  • Fixed inconsistencies in media search (by country) using API v2
  • Change the path to recover the original es_systems.cfg file on Batocera v5.21
  • Fixed a bug when validating a nonexistent screenscraper account
  • Added additional information about ScreenScraper user account (screenscraper login module)
  • Remove redundant 'add disk / tape / side' button with 'Check Roms' which already applies the following checkboxes: 'Clean Name', 'Add Disk', 'Keep Rom Name', 'Add Country'
  • Fixed bug on auto-assignment of template with 'Recompose image'
  • Fixed various bugs
  • Adding an Amstrad GX4000 template

- (04/28/2019)

  • Acceleration of image processing
  • Download of the video is available without obligation to activate the '4 images' mode
  • Added Mix RB V1 and Mix RB V2 button to recover V1 and V2 mixes (pre made) on Screenscraper. Available only on Screenscraper using the V2 API.
  • Added a checkbox “remove sortname tag” in the tab 'Gamelist Options' (used on Retropie) (request of morenr1 on forum Retropie)
  • Added a button 'without video' in the filters (request of morenr1 on forum Retropie)
  • Added a checkbox in the sorting module of the es_systems.cfg file to differentiate or not the portable consoles from the home consoles

- (04/19/2019)

  • Fixed a certificate issue that prevented Screenscraper information retrieval.
  • Bug fixes: descriptions, genres were converted to lowercase when loading a gamelist.xml (bug raised by Daniloancilotto)

- (04/14/2019)

  • bug fixed: on the Recalbox, the button 'stop the emulation station' and 'restart the recalbox' did not work properly.
  • add the suffix _USA for qd a media USA is found and the checkbox media_USA is checked (Secamfr request)
  • Added a tab “Tools”
  • Added button “Sort es_systems.cfg” in the tab “Tools” which displays a module allowing to sort the file es_systems.cfg on 6 possible criteria.

A backup of the old file is created for security. The systems are referenced in a pre-configured systems_sorting.txt file that you can edit to add your systems present in your es_systems.cfg but missing from this file.

  • Added a “Backup configuration files” button in the “Tools” tab which makes it possible to make a backup of the files present in ”% appdata% \ \ nexouille soft \ arrm \ database“ which you could have modified / personalized.

Use before uninstalling the application if you have modified some of these files.

  • Taking into account the systems present in Recalbox 6 and updating the emulators / cores

- (04/06/2019)

  • Bug fix: In order for the auto template for a system to work, the Auto association template had to be checked; corrected. Both operate independently
  • Added a 'Missing Overlays' button to highlight games whose name appears in the '_missing_overlays_% SYSTEM% .txt' file created during a previous overlay search.
  • Updated emulators/cores for Recalbox and Batocera used with the 'Reset Core/Emu' button.

- (04/01/2019)

  • Added translation in Italian: a big thank you to Michele for her careful translation
  • Fixed a bug with bad overlays viewport coordinates on batocera only
  • It is now possible when scrap (multi or mono system) to associate a template to a system via a configuration file (see wiki )
  • Addition of a checkbox: → 720 allowing to convet a template in 1080 to 720 and to recalculate the coordinates of the viewports of an image overlay in 1080 for a display in 1280×720 ( see wiki : )
  • Best automatic recognition of viewports on Vectrex
  • Fixed a bug on the 'All' button for system selection that caused a bug when launching a scrap
  • Fixed various bugs

- (03/24/2019)

  • Overlays recovery and automatic creation of overlay configuration files for Batocera and Recalbox. When recovering system and game overlays, ARRM can detect overlay transparency areas and automatically create configuration files for Recalbox or Batocera, or rely on configurable template files. (thanks to VirusMan for the beta test). For more explanation Read the wiki article:
  • Radio button to select the format of overlays to recover: 16/9 (most provided), 16/10 and 4/3
  • Checkbox 'Dev' in the tab 'Options' which allows to save in a dedicated directory the overlay with a yellow frame representing the automatic coordinates of the viewport found by ARRM. Useful for locating overlays posing problems.
  • Creation of a file “_missing_bezels_%system%.txt” containing the list of overlays not found.
  • Added a field to select the backup directory for overlays and their configuration files (\\recalbox\share, \\batocera\share or any directory of your disks)
  • Added a validation button for the selection of various directories
  • Fixed a bug when looking for files / names of roms containing the character '&' (ampersand) (the game was not found) (report SecamFr)
  • Bug fix when clicking on “Display” without any system selected (report Virus-Man)
  • Addition of a checkbox 'In .ZIP' in the 'Scrap Options' tab: When the search via MD5 on the Rom file name does not return anything, ARRM searches via MD5 file contained in the .ZIP
  • Added Screenscraper's V2 Beta API (selectable via Checkbox in Control Panel
  • Add / Edit systems / cores in configuration files
  • When 'US Media' or 'JAP Media' is selected, ARRM attempts to retrieve the corresponding game name (US or JAP)
  • Fixed various bugs

- (03/03/2019)

  • Added a button 'MD5' in the panel 'Actions possible on selected Roms' to mass calculate the MD5 Rom files then causing a faster search Screenscraper. The MD5 tag is also written in the gamelist.xml. (Request of twh7474 on the JujuVinceBros forum)
  • Added a 'Clear METADATA' button in the 'Possible Actions on Selected Roms' panel to mass delete METADATA. Keeps the ROM filename and the game name from the ROM filename. (Request of twh7474 on the JujuVinceBros forum)
  • Renamed 'Japan Box' in 'Japan Media'
  • Creation of a button 'US Media' (request of Damocles)
  • If 'Japan Media' or 'US Media' is checked, ARRM attempts to recover Japanese or US versions of Boxart, Cartridge, Marquee/Title. The language of the textual information will be the language of the ARRM interface.
  • Added a WIKI button (at the top of the screen near the title) :
  • Fixed a bug that crashed the application when clicking the 'Backup gamelists' button in the 'Gamelist options' configuration tab
  • Fixed a bug causing no bubble info on Portuguese, Spanish, Russian languages
  • Added Amiga CD32 template

- (02/14/2019)

  • Mise à jour des fichiers 'systemes_screenscraper.txt' & 'systemes_extensions.txt' pour prise en compte des systèmes ajoutés dans la beta Recalbox de février 2019 : pokemini, channelf, samcoupe, oricatmos, PC98, NeoGeoCD, sufami
  • Ajout/modification des templates pokemini, channelf, samcoupe, oricatmos, pc98, NeoGeo CD
  • Renommage du template NeoGeo en SNK NeoGeo
  • Ajout d'un lien cliquable 'News' à côté du lien changelog, permettant d'afficher des news concernant ARRM (lorsqu'il y en a) et suppression du popup automatique des news au lancement de l'application
  • Ajout des logos pour les systèmes : pc98, oricatmos, neogeocd, sufami

- (02/10/2019)

  • Creation of a 'Temporary gamelist' checkbox in the 'Gamelist options' tab which allows to create a 'gamelist_tempo.xml' file during the progression of the scrape in the directory of the scraped system. So after a crash of the application, the next launch of a scrap on this system, a prompt asks you if you want to merge this file 'gamelist_tempo.xml' in the current 'gamelist.xml'. If an error occurs, check that the 'gamelist_tempo.xml' file contains the <gamelist> tags at the beginning of the file and </gamelist> at the end of the file.
  • Keyword search is done on the description as well.
  • Fix format of the dates to respect the format yyyymmddT000000 (request of Maromatze on the site
  • Added some systems Logo
  • Added Atari800 & Atari800XL template

- (02/01/2019)

  • faster scrape treatment
  • When there is an error downloading an image, 2 more attempts are made.
  • fix the mix_gamegear_profile
  • Add an Atomiswave template
  • The log file is no longer in memory (this caused slowdowns on the big scrape). Now the log is written in the “system” \ scrape_log.txt file. So during a crash, the log file is always searchable

- (01/24/2019)

  • fixed bugs that made the application crash during scrape
  • Bezels directories are created only if the bezel checkbox is checked
  • new checkbox 'Manual' in 'images options' tab to download manual of the selected game. If you want only the Manual, check Manual and Check 'No image, only texts' and launch a scrap.
  • customization of subfolders with image and description (request from FloppyFred)


 folder \\recalbox\share\roms\neogeo\- Metal Slug\
 It will be necessary to put the image relative to the file with the same name as the file .png. Example: \\recalbox\share\roms\neogeo\- Metal Slug\- Metal Slug.png
 The image is necessary to take into account this combination
 You can also put a description of the folder (optional) in a text file (.txt) with the same name as the folder: \\recalbox\share\roms\neogeo\- Metal Slug\- Metal Slug.txt
 This information (folder) will be written at the end of the gamelist.xml file when saving the gamelist.

- (01/20/2019)

  • Setting up a button for image recovery of bezels. These images of bezels can be used to create your own bezels of systems and bezels of games:.
    • Recovery of system bezels via a “download bezel” button after checking the desired systems. The system bezels are stored in a bezel subdirectory of the system then by format (4-3 / 16-9 / 16-10)
    • Recovery of games bezels. The bezels are stored in a subdirectory “bezel” of the directory of recovery of the game images (by default: downloaded_images \ beze \ formatbezel formatbezel can take these values: 4-3 / 16-9 / 16-10)
  • Added many templates for Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Thomson, Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 2, Sega Saturn, Oric, Magnavox Odyssey 2, MSX, Atari Jaguar, Mattel Intellivision, Atari 800, Atari 5200
  • Added a 'Thanks' link in the Contact tab that displays donors and people who have made suggestions and bug reports.
  • Added a 'Reinit Core / Emu' button next to the 'Maj Core' button that allows you to reset / modify the core and the emulator (via a listbox of Emulators - Cores) for selected roms.

- (03/01/2019)

  • Added a button “Update of the Core” in the panel 'Actions possible on selected Roms' which allows to automatically select the core best suited for arcade games (Mame, Neogeo, Fba, Fba_libretro etc. .. .) via a database (BestArcade4Recalbox-18-03-30, 1777 games listed) (request from Fourch)

A backup of your gamelist before modification is automatically created when you press this button. The setting is done via a text file editable by the button 'Edit Arcade Core' in the tab 'General Options' Read the comments in the file before doing manipulations ARRM searches in a database based on 'BestArcade4Recalbox-18-03-30'. It searches the game with status 3, then status 2 and finally status 1 and sets the appropriate emulator and core. status 1: partially functioning game

status 2: game running almost correctly
status 3: game running properly
* Checking the consistency of the local file name with the rom name of the gamelist.xml (uppercase / lowercase problem corrected)
* Some file extensions for different systems have been updated / added

- (15/12/2018)

  • checking the existence of the image directory ('downloaded_images' by default) when launching scrape and not only when displaying a system.
  • option “cleans name” allows to move items (the, the, and those of other languages ES / POR / GER / FR) at the end of the name. Examples: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time → The Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time or The Bard's Tale → Bard's Tale, The (request from Fourche)
  • For batocera, allows to see the amiga sub systems present under the amiga system
  • add _screenscraper_mix_arrm.png / jpg in search of missing images
  • added a video button to recover only the videos. (Jay's request)
  • added a button “hash (crc32) Netplay” hash computation (crc32) that allows to write the tag 'hash' in the gamelist.xml used for the Netplay (request from Ankx)
  • added a “batocera” checkbox in the “Recalbox / Screenscraper / TGBD” tab for systems using batocera
  • when checkbox batocera is checked, automatic creation in the folder gamelist.xml with image and description of the game for Scummvm on Batocera

- (11/20/2018)

  • added a 'Name directory images' parameter, by default 'downloaded_images'. it will be added to the system path exempple
    share \ rom \ atari2600 \ downloaded_images, where the scrape images will be stored
  • addition of different systems in 'systems_extensions.txt' present in Batocera or Retropie
  • add extensions to the 'systemes_extensions.txt' file
  • Russian translation corrections.
  • Added a checkbox (Add Index), which allows to add an index in the gamelist.xml in front of the name of the games to allow the management of multi criteria sorting (example: 001 = - game_name1). EmulationnStation using its own sorting system. It will be necessary to choose in EmulationStation the sorting by name.
  • Add a <sortname> tag in the gamelist containing the name of the game with the index, if however your retropie version takes it into account

- (11/11/2018)

  • Fixed a bug with a registry key that prevented the application ( from launching

- (11/11/2018)

  • Added a 'Sorting the Database' button to define 5 sorting criteria on the Database that will be applied to the Gamelist.xml when it is saved. The sorting criteria are stored and applied automaticaly to gamelist.xml loaded in ARRM.
  • Add Russian language (visuals and texts will be retrieved in English on Screenscraper) (google translated…)
  • corrections / additions of translations
  • bug fix
  • Fix bug with dates on screenscraper
  • Added a checkbox 'No text', not to save the text information during a scrap. useful if you have made text modifications and do not want to see them overwritten by a new scrapbook. AnkX request.
  • Added a Vectrex v2 template from front with cartridge and Logo at the top

- (11/04/2018)

  • The screens and information bubbles are now available in 5 languages: French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and German. (Many thanks to Zing for help with the Portuguese translation)
  • Depending on the language chosen, ARRM attempts to retrieve the descriptions / artwork corresponding to the language on Screenscraper
  • Added 2 'Roms Infos' and 'Games Infos' buttons that point to the corresponding pages on Screenscraper
  • Increased resolution of saved images
  • Added boxing search with country code (ss) on screenscraper
  • Added several templates: Sega SG-1000, Sinclair ZX81, NEC Pc Engine CD, Sharp X68000, NEC SuperGrafx, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Famicom Disk System, Panasonic 3DO
  • No more overlapping of tooltips when changing language
  • Modification of the version change dialog: richtextbox with elevator and clickable link

- (10/21/2018)

  • Added a checkbox 'Ignore local search' in 'Scrap Options' menu to skip search for local images when no images were found during scrap on the Internet
  • A “Mix'Me” button allows you to create your own Mix by selecting the four types of images (Screenshot, Boxart, Marquee and Cartridge) that will apply to the selected template or to choose an existing MIX. Drag & Drop possible.
  • The templates in Profile mode (perspective screen view) have been modified to take into account the deformation on 4 points of the image (and no longer 3) which makes the perspective effect much more realistic for the images. screenshots and the marke.
  • modification of the search via md5 for more success in the search (bug raised by Virus-Man)
  • Improved research on AMIGA Roms
  • Adding templates for Sega32X, SegaCD, SNES, PC Engine, Blastcity, Naomi (change)

- v (09/10/2018)

  • correction of an error in the file of authorized extensions concerning MSX2 (thanks Claude Bezoul)
  • Fixed a bug preventing in the previous version searching via MD5, or other search modes
  • Added some templates (Amiga600, Amiga1200, C64, Gamecube, MasterSystem, NES, PSX, Virtualboy)

- v (10/07/2018)

  • New database including the <cartridge> tag
  • The scrap on screenscraper allows to recover the image of the cartridge when it exists. New tag in the gamelist.xml <cartridge>
  • the status line is replaced by a textbox whose detailed content is accessible via a text editor by clicking on 'see log'. Use this log to understand how ARRM works.
  • The dialog indicating that the game was not found on TheGamesDB no longer appears. see the log status
  • the image preview checkbox on TGDB is now positioned in the menu “Recalbox / Screenscraper / TGBD”
  • When loading the gamelist.xml, verifying the existence of the images locally, otherwise deleting the reference of the image in the database
  • It is now possible in the MIX templates to add a 2nd layer marquee (name of the layer: marquee2), used in the template “emulga like” (Query Marwyn91)
  • Addition of several templates using the cartridge image: “Atari 7800 cartridge”, “cartridge colecovision”, “n64 cartridge”, “atari 2600 cartridge”, “genesis cartridge”, “emulga like”, and others
  • Now 10 layers are available in your MIX
  • Added a “customnomix” filter button that filters images created from other scrapers and recomposed by ARRM. This tag is used so that ARRM does not attempt to remix these images
  • when looking for a DOS game on screenscraper, ARRM searches with both the .pc and .dos extension
  • some bugs fixed
  • In the “Choice Mix Model” page, the “View Rep” button brings directly into the directory of the selected template

Local images search option :

  • Option “Considered as Mix” in “Scrap Options”: When this option is checked, and no image is returned by the scraper, the images from other scrapers found on the disc are then considered already Mixed and so the template is not applied
  • Option “Considered as a Screenshot” in “Scrap Options”: When this option is checked, and no image is returned by the scraper, the images from other scrapers found on the disc are then considered a Screenshot and so the template is applied
  • if “Regarded as Mix” and “Considered as Screenshot” are not checked, the system will ask you to confirm if the image found locally is already a MIX (in this case there is no template application ) or if the image is a Screenshot (in this case there will be application of the template)
  • Option “Ingorer other scraper” in “Scrap Options”. If this option is checked, in “Image Rebuild” mode, if no image is indicated in the database, search for local images from other scrapers will be ignored.

- v (09/12/2018)

  • little makeover of the interface
  • integration of the new TheGamesDB API. Warning TGDB now limits to 1000 requests per IP and per month.
  • bug fix on erasing dos and daphne rom
  • when creating a mix, if an image (box, screen, marquee) is not found, ARRM searches in the images_downloaded directory for images previous scrap on Thegamesdb, Screenscraper or another scraper. (see above)
  • if “no image” or no choice of image has been made in the “image options”, ARRM only retrieves the textual information of the game (thanks PilafSama)
  • added 2 templates: mix_recalbox_like / mix_recalbox_like_snes_n64
  • the values ??of the checkboxes in the image options are retained.
  • when searching for a missing image, ARRM searches with the <rom filename> if the option 'image as rom' was checked in the 'scrap options' otherwise it looks on the <game title>
  • Added option: 'Remove filters' When this box is checked, when saving the gamelist, all filters are deleted, hidden files are displayed and the entire list is selected ”(Zing and PilafSama requests )

- v

  • If an image is not found via the scrape, ARRM will look for a file with the name of the rom + “_screenshot” or “_boxart” or “_marquee” file in the downloaded_image directory (extension jpg / jpeg / png) (request for PilafSama)
  • Fixed a bug when the “media_screenshot” tag on screenscraper points to an invalid image.
  • filter on extensions corrected (thanks Tuxboy)
  • if no image is found ARRM tries to recover the old images already stored by ARRM (to counter the pb with the tag media_screenshot on screenscraper which does not return any image)

- v

  • bug fix : you can now choose 2d box on mix image (just uncheck the 3dbox option)
  • fixed a bug when no screenshot was present. Now for missing boxart / marquee / screenshot they are replaced by their default image or by transparent empty images
  • 3 new templates for image mix
  • The default screenshot image is entered in “Extra Tag + Image Default”. Remember to tick “Activate default images” if you want this screenshot to appear when no screenshot has been found.

- v

  • redesign of the template system. It is now possible for a mix to manage 8 layers by transparency. See the sample template 000_example_template
  • fixed a bug when calculating MD5 on a directory

- v

  • scrape style / options image options are accessible via a toggle button (Options / Images style). It saves a little space
  • Added a scrape option: “Confirm each game”, which allows to validate the scrape of a game or to pass it (Zing's request on the Recalbox forum)
  • Added a scrape option: “Image as Rom file”. The name of the image file will be identical to the name of the rom file (Jay's request on the Recalbox forum)
  • The choice of templates is now in the form of a drop-down list with sample of the mix
  • Added a thumbnail in “image style” displaying the selected template
  • Added many console templates

- v (07/01/2018)

  • Add support for Daphne (see wiki for correct directories setting)
  • Add support for Thomson
  • Update api url

- v (06/04/2018)

  • Default images now integrate into templates. They apply when no picture is found. For example, choose a “snowy screen” for the Screenshot.

The default Screenshot is applied if 'image style' matches Screen or Mix. Default Boxes and Marquee are applied only if 'image style' matches Box or Marquee.

  • The system search parameters are now manageable via external files containing for theGamesDb and Screenscraper the names of systems recalbox / batocera / emulationstation and their equivalent on the sites Screenscraper and TheGamesDb (accessible via the button next to the buttons Screenscraper and TheGamesDb)
  • add a Naomi style arcade template

- v (05/29/2018)

  • Fixed a big bug that prevented the game from launching after adding “core” and “emulator” tags with empty content: now these tags are no longer written to the gamelist when they are empty.

To apply the solution to your gamelist, simply reload your system in ARRM, select your roms and create the gamelist so that everything comes back in order. Thanks to VirusMan for quickly detecting the problem

- v (05/25/2018)

  • Added “core” and “emulator” tag in the gamelist (Request from RetroVadus)
  • new 'Recompose Image' button that allows you to apply a template with image information already stored in the gamelist (boxart, screenshot, wheel / marquee recovered via Extra Tag option of ARRM) without having to rescrap from the net
  • added a PSP template, PSP Profile, Atari 2600, Atari 7800, C64, Gamegear, GB, GBA, GBC, Lynx, Mastersystem, N64, NES, SNES, Vectrex, Zx Spectrum
  • addition of the TO8 system (Thomson TO8) normally provided in the next maj recalbox.
  • bug correction scrap ZX81
  • fix various bugs

- v (05/18/18)

  • It is possible to move the roms from one system to another by keeping the scrape via the button “Move to folder. Attention it is necessary that the destination folder is the root of a system folder / Console

- v (05/12/2018)

  • modification of the treatment of .scummvm files so that the sleeve is directly visible under recalbox without having to validate the game. (Anto64 suggestion)


  • modification of the treatment of the manual MD5: now on a search with a MD5 entered manually, the platform is no longer passed as a parameter in the request.

This is to be able to retrieve information from another platform.

  • fixed a bug on the folders (the name was for the path and not the name) (Thanks VirusMan)
  • fixed a bug in the renaming and moving of roms (dos / scummvm)
  • Fixed a bug when refreshing the datagrid during a move of roms in another directory
  • added a button 'Screenscraper' in the groupbox “Roms Information”, to open the Screenscraper page of the platform concerned to the first letter of the name of the game

- v (05/09/2018)

  • You can manually enter an MD5 on a game and force its scrape on this md5, the md5 will be saved in the gamelist.

During an unsuccessful search on the name of rom, ARRM does a search via the MD5 which will be saved in the database and XML.

      Thus during future scrapes he can search directly via the MD5 already found.
* addition of a field 'md5' in the gamelist and the database (new version of database)
* The template for the image mix is ??now managed via XML files. Use the 'see mix model' button to choose your template.
      The xml files are editable and editable (remember to click reload). You can create your own files and background
      They are located, along with their background file in c:\users\your_ident\appdata\roaming\nexouille soft\arrm\resources.
* add the 3d Box button to retrieve in the Box image mode or in the boxart tag the 3D box if available on screenscraper
* add a textbox 'MD5 game' to make a unit search on the MD5 entered in the textbox screenscraper and no longer on the name of the game or its calculated md5.
* MD5 button: the "clean name" checkbox can be applied to this button.
* fixed a bug: under recalbox some images did not appear: solution removal of the old image during the scrap of a game.
      (If you are in this case, remember to click on 'delete unused images' then select all your database and click on 'check if image exists'
      and then filter on 'roms without pictures' and scrap them)
* It is possible to select several systems in order to launch an automatic scrape on Screenscraper:
     If multiple systems are selected, an automatic scrape starts on Screenscraper. A report appears at the end of scrape.
   If only one system is selected, the usual interface is available, which allows scrape and manage the gamelist.xml
* checkbox to use the name of the Rom file as a game name (SecamFr request)
* Improved 'Verif Name via MD5' (more accurate)
* Added a 'Verification Roms' button which only serves to browse the database and apply actions related to checkboxes 'Clean Name', 'Add Disk', and 'Keep Name Rom'
* The 'Channel Search in Title or Rom Name' now allows you to search for the desired channel in both the Game Title, but also in the Rom file name (SecamFr request)
* Ability to enter a Genre Filter by entering the genre, without the need to select a genre in the combobox
* addition of a "export csv" button allowing to export in csv format the list of games of your current gamelist (request of StephaneR)
* longer bubble info

- v (04/14/2018)

  • Taking into account the “playcount” and “lastplayed” in the gamelist
  • Ability to add custom tags in the gamelist.xml via the button “Extra Tag + Default Image”. The information about boxart, screenshot, marquee, mix and video (download video) can be retrieved and put in the gamelist.xml.

Tag names can be customized, but you need to keep an “image” tag for compatibility with Recalbox. (The latest version of Emulationstation, not yet available on Recalbox, recognizes the tags “video” and “marquee”)

  • Ability to put a default image (for each custom tag) when no image is found during a scrap.
  • Ability to search for the correct name of a game via its MD5 on screenscraper via the button “Check name with MD5” (deletion of the local database of CRC that was not up to date)
  • Add Checkbox “Add Disk” and “Clean Name” activable during a scrap, a search of correct name, or the addition of the # Disk/Tape/Side

“Cleans name” allows to delete the characters between () and [] and places the articles (the, a, an, they …) at the beginning of the name “Add disk” allows to add at the end of the name the disk/tape/side as well as AGA/CD32 (for amiga)

  • Added a “Join the chat discord” button to join the discord text chat to report bugs or request features
  • Added a changelog clickable link to view application change history
  • “Status” zone increased to display several lines of application messages
  • Text files like gamelist & Extensions now opens with your system default text editor
  • Editable list (button : 'Edit No MD5') of extensions on which the calculation of the MD5 will not be done (in order to save time)
  • bug fix with autosave: All games are automatically selected when “autosave Gamelist” is checked and you click on “create gamelist.xml for selected roms”
  • Added a 'ScummVM short names' button that points to a website indicating short names to use with your .scummvm files
  • Fixed many bugs

v 03/28/2018

  • Fixed a database bug that prevented the application from working
  • Added a check of the correct version of database when launching the application
  • Bug fix: the player count was not recovered via screenscraper (thx outlaw)

v (03/27/2018)

  • bug fix of v scraping scummvm and Dos Roms can indicate missing roms by mistake.
  • move the 'extra tag' button so that it is accessible when the app is launched

v (03/25/2018)

  • You can add custom tags in the gamelist.xml via the button 'extra tag'. Informations about boxart, screenshot, wheel, mix and video can be retrieved and put in the gamelist.xml.

Tag names can be customized, but you need to keep an 'image' tag for compatibility with Recalbox. (Outlaw request)

  • Fixed a bug, when scraped on subfolders (such as DOS or Scummvm) the rom file was considered missing

- v (03/22/2018)

  • Improve search on screenscraper via md5 and sha1 (if CRC box is checked, to use for Rom who do not have media when searching without CRC)
  • Added a Checkbox “JAP” to retrieve Japanese Boxarts if existing on the Screenscraper database
  • When searching roms for Amiga1200 system, if the term “AGA”, “CD32”, “CD 32” (with or without parenthesis) is found in the file name, search

is done on the correct platform on screenscraper (the term AGA or CD32 is then added to the name of the game, to differentiate it) (NinjaW request)

  • Added a file indicating the roms not found in the scrapper (format: _missing_arrm_%SYSTEM% _%SCRAPPER% .txt) (Virus-Man request)
  • The media file names are changed and the following suffixes are added to the image file name:

screenshots: “_scrappername_screenshot_arrm” boxart: “_scrappername_boxart_arrm” mixed: “_scrappername_mix_arrm” the suffix JAP is added if a Japanese boxart is present in the image

  • Fixed some bugs

- v (03/11/2018) :

  • exception bug fix when searching with some games name ( for example) on screenscraper

- v (03/10/2018) :

  • Manage mixed images differently if screenshot is in portrait format (vertical shmup) or landscape

The <folder> tags in the gamelist are preserved if you had them and put them back in the new gamelist. Useful if you had customized subfolders with an image. (thanks virus-man)

  • Fixed a bug when pressing the 'clear rom' button and various bugs

- v (09/03/2018):

  • Added support for Screenscraper for information retrieval (in Fr or En) and images (thanks to screenscraper for their complete and fast database)
  • The search on ScreenScraper is done on the name of the file, then the name of the game and finally crc (if checked, attention the calculation of crc can be long on the images iso)
  • Added a “save auto gamelist” button to automatically save your gamelist when you switch systems or close the application.
  • Fixed some bugs

- v (02/20/2018)

  • Add Gamecube, Nintendo DS, Saturn, Wii in TheGamesDB search.
  • Add a button to add disk number, side number or K7 number after the gametitle (if présents in the filename)

When retrieving Mixed image : - if there is no screenshot, retrieve only the Boxart in a large format. - In Mixed image, Boxart and Logo/Title are little bigger.

- v (02/10/2018) :

  • updated to include new systems from the new version of recalbox (databse updated with crc from this new systems).
  • Fix some bugs.

- v (01/20/2018) :

  • the application window is now 1240×670 so it can be displayed in its entirety on 1280×720 screens.
  • TheGamesDB search window is now centered on the parent window.

- v (01/13/2018) :

  • Button (Check good name with CRC) to try to find the good title of a rom via its CRC32. Allows TheGamesDB to find games more easily.
  • Checkbox (clean name) associated with the button (Check good name with CRC) allows during this verification to format the title of the game by deleting the characters between () and [] and other embellishments

Warning: Since version a new table has been added to the database. If you encounter this error message: “Unhandled exception has occured in your application… The Microsoft Jet database engine cannot find the input table or query “dat_database”. Make sure it exists and that its name is spelled correctly”. Remember to delete your old installations. and delete the directory “c:\users\your_ident\appdata\roaming\nexouille soft\arrm” (if it still exists) before reinstalling the new version.

  • Fixed various small bugs.

- v (01/05/2018) :

  • Interface and tooltips in french and english. Fix bug on renaming roms and others little bugs.

- v (12/30/2017) :

  • Moving roms in a subfolder of the parent folder without losing scrapped informations.
  • Fixes of several bugs.

- v (12/28/2017) :

  • Fixed a bug with the registry base;
  • added a “No Image” checkbox to avoid downloading images on thegamesdb and MameDb and thus not overwrite existing scrapp.
  • Addition of a checkbox to check the existence of update at the launch of the program.
  • Add a donation link via paypal.

- v (12/26/2017) :

  • Search for roms in subfolders (thx Virus-Man for the report),
  • Selection of the image type (boxart, screenshot, mixed) to download when scappring auto from TheGamesDB,
  • Backup of the database and extension list (they are deleted when updating)
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