ARRM Software Interface Overview

We will detail here the panels that make up the ARRM interface

The different elements of the ARRM interface have tooltips which indicate the functionality of each element. Just hover over it.

Likewise, you can click on the ? present on the different ARRM screens which will take you to the wiki associated with the buttons/forms and thus allow you to better understand their functionalities .


The database allows you to display the content of a gamelist or the directory of a selected system. You will be able to apply different treatments on the selected Roms

Please consult the section dedicated to the Database


Please see the section dedicated to Settings which details all the tabs of the ARRM configuration panel.


Please consult the section dedicated to the Gamelist


Please consult the section dedicated to Tools


Please consult the section dedicated to the update module


Please see the About section.


It is possible to directly access some configuration tabs via the icons below

- Main Options
- Folders
- Scrape options
- Images options
- Configuration files
- Gamelist Options

Rom Information

Please consult the section Rom Informations

Actions on Selected Roms

Please see the section Selected Roms

Actions on Selected Systems

Please see section Selected Systems

Selection of systems

This module allows you to select the system(s) to be processed

Please consult the section dedicated to choice of systems

Scrape Engine

ARRM can scrape (recover textual and graphic information) on selected ROMs, by connecting to databases that offer this type of element.

Please consult the section dedicated to Scrape Engines

The Status Log

the 'scrape_log.txt' file is located in the %appdata%\Nexouille Soft\arrm\temp\ directory

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