Screenscraper cannot find a game

Scrapes not found are listed in log files located in %appdata%\Nexouille Soft\Arrm\temp , in the format:


example: _missing_arrm_ZXSPECTRUM_screenscraper.txt

If the Screenscraper scraper does not find certain games, it is possible to find it in different ways.

Put the correct name of the game (title)

You can search for the right game name with the help of DatFiles by following this wiki: Renaming game titles with the help of Datfiles

Force a search via the MD5 or its GameID of an existing game on Screenscraper.

via the 'ROM Information' panel:

video tutorial

  • Position yourself on the game so that it appears in the 'Roms Informations' panel
  • Click on the 'Games Infos' button which will open a page on Screenscraper on the 1st letter of the desired game.
  • Look on Screenscraper for your game, click on its name, then click on the 'ROMS/ISOS' tab
  • Note the MD5 of your game (it doesn't matter if the rom file name is different, we just want to retrieve the information of a corresponding game) or its GameID
  • Return to ARRM, and write the MD5 in the 'MD5 of the game' textbox or its GameID in the 'GameID' textbox
  • Click on the 'Save' button to save the information in the database
  • If you want the GameID to be taken first when scraping, make sure to check the 'Use GameID' box in the 'Scrape Options' tab.
  • Position yourself on the game in the database and launch a unitary scrap. ARRM will directly search for the game corresponding to the indicated MD5 or GameID and retrieve the game information and media.

When ARRM scrapes on Screenscraper, before any other search it checks if the GameID is present. If this is the case and if the 'GameID' checkbox is checked, the search for the game will be done directly via this GameID. It will then continue with a search with the MD5 if it is present.

By modifying the name of the game

If the name of the game is not correct:

  • Edit the game name in the textbox 'Game name'**
  • Click on the 'Save' button
  • Position yourself on the game in the database and relaunch a unitary scrape
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