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You can follow our news and contact us via these different media

You will find various forums on the Discord that can help you:

To report a Bug to the developer

To report a bug to the developer you can go through (in the order of responsiveness of the developer :)):

Discord ARRM
French ARRM Forum
ARRM Forum in English

Also send an automatic report by clicking on the Send debug info to developer button available in the Contact tab

If you encounter a bug or an unexpected behavior of ARRM, click on this button to automatically send by mail to the developer, a log of your ARRM config and last scrape report. This will allow the user to better understand your problem.


If you like ARRM, you can donate to support its author (Nexusone13) and the JujuVinceBros by clicking on one of the following buttons :

Patreon Tipeee Paypal

If you make a donation of 6 euros or more, remember to leave a message with your email. I will process your request during the day and you will receive an email allowing you to deactivate the donation reminder popup and to access certain additional features in the ARRM application.

Remember to check your spam, my email may be there

For those who have made a donation and have not received their unlock key from the ARRM application, choose one of these methods:

- Email me at:
- Contact me Nexusone13#8474 on our discord:

and tell me the date of the donation and the amount.

I will then send you your unlock key.

Remember to check your spam, my email may be there.

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