Sort the gamelist.xml on different criteria

Under Batocera and Retropie, it is possible to sort the gamelist.xml via the Tag <sortname>. ARRM offers a database sorting module based on 5 possible criteria. When a sort is applied to the database, when saving the gamelist.xml, ARRM will create the tag <sortname> with an index (example: <sortname>002 =- City Defender</sortname>) thus allowing to display the sorted gamelist.xml in EmulationStation.

Here's how.

  • Select the system (only one) then click on Display

When the Database is filled with the found Roms,

  • Click on the button 'Sorting the database'

A form opens where you can select your sorting criteria.

Click on 'OK' to validate the criteria or 'Delete Criteria' to delete them.

* Save your gamelist.xml by clicking on 'Create gamelist.xml'

Your gamelist.xml will then have a new <sortname> tag like in the example below:

    <sortname>022 =- Berzerk</sortname>
    <desc>Berzerk is a video game developed by Stern Electronics, released in 1980 on an arcade terminal. The player controls a humanoid in labyrinthine multi-picture environments viewed from above. He must progress by eliminating an army of belligerent robots. It is a precursor to run and gun, which notably influenced the design of Robotron: 2084. The game presents innovative gameplay features (including multi-directional shooting) and production with synthetic voices.</desc>
    <developer>Stern Electronics, Inc.</developer>

If you want to remove this sort. Return to the sorting module, delete the sorting then save your gamelist.xml again
If you want to remove the <sortname> tag from the gamelist.xml, check the 'No sortname tag' box in the 'Gamelist Options' tab
When the <sortname> tab is filled in, quick access via the index in EmulationStation is done on this tag and no longer on the name of the game.
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