Simple Wheels Generator

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It is possible to generate Wheels containing the title of the game or other information. It can generate Wheels containing, at your choice:

  • the game title, cleaned or not (suffix -wheeltitle)
  • the publisher (suffix -wheelpublisher),
  • the developer (suffix -wheeldeveloper),
  • the genres (suffix -wheelgenre).

These wheels are created in the theme-builder directory, a directory that can be modified via the Parameters tab then the Folders tab

Inspired by the dmmarti script

Wheel Generator Setup

This generator is accessible, after having selected the Roms to be processed, via the Selected Roms tab and the Wheel Generator button.

When you click on this button, the configuration menu of the Wheel generator appears.

Text color

The textual information that will appear in the generated wheel can have a solid color or a random color

If no solid color is indicated in the combobox, the generator will use random colors for each wheel created.

Final Wheel Size Selection

  • Wheel width: width of the wheel
  • Wheel height: length of the wheel

Font Selection

You must select a font. Only the .ttf files found in the directory: %appdata%\Roaming\Nexouille Soft\arrm\ressources are listed in the combobox. You can manually add other fonts in this directory.

Font preview appears when you select a font

Wheel text selection

You can display on the Wheel one of the following elements from the database:

  • the game title, cleaned or not (suffix -wheeltitle)
  • Clean up the title: allows you to remove from the title all the references between () and []
  • Use fanart as background: allows you to take the existing fanart as the background of the wheel. The fanart will be cropped (cut) to fit within the dimensions specified for the wheel. You must have the fanart in your database.
  • Blur background: When using fanart in the background, it is possible to blur this background via a parameter which is by default 5×2 . Here is the list of the different possible blurs:

List of available blurs

  • the publisher (suffix -wheelpublisher),
  • the developer (suffix -wheeldeveloper),
  • the genres (suffix -wheelgenre).

For these last 3 elements you can:

  • Limit to: number of elements to keep. If the genre includes several genres separated by a comma, the generator only takes the number of genres indicated.
  • Delete the duplicate: if an element appears more than once, only one is kept. (example: several times the same genre indicated by mistake for the genre)

Examples of Generated Wheels

Wheel title + Fanart + Blur

Wheel title + Fanart

Title Wheel

Wheel Publisher

Wheel Developer

Wheel Genre

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