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Rename game titles with the help of Datfiles

Available since beta 4

You have Roms whose filename is not correct and which sometimes cannot be found during a scrape. ARRM allows, based on their CRC32 / MD5 to look for the correct name in the Datfiles, by selecting the Roms and by clicking on Rename with DAT Useful for correctly scraping when the roms filenames are not correct.

For Arcade systems, since version Beta 15, it is also possible to use Rename Arcade game titles

Here's how to do it:

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Rename game titles with the help of Datfiles

  • As a precaution save the gamelists.xml of the affected systems.
  • Select the system (only one) then click on Display

  • When the Database is filled with the Roms found,
  • Select the Roms of which you want to find the right title with the help of the DATFILES files.

  • You can apply the Clean Name , Add Disc and Add Country checkboxes which will apply to the title found.

  • Click on the button Rename with DAT

  • Validate the confirmation popup.
ARRM will start a calculation of the CRC32 and MD5, then look for a match in the Datfiles database. If a match is found, the game title is changed to the one found in the Datfiles.
A CSV file is generated (rename_with_dat.txt) at the end of the operation that indicates which Datfiles the matches come from. This file can be used in Excel (separator |) It's located in this folder : %appdata%\Nexouille Soft\arrm\temp

Update the database with new Datfiles (.dat)

Available from version Beta 8

It is possible to update the ARRM database with new datfiles (.dat) to be able to use the “Rename with DAT” function.

To update the ARRM database you must put your datfiles (.dat) files in the folder:

%appdata%\Nexouille Soft\arrm\Database\tosec

Then click on the DAT to Database button present in the Tools tab. ARRM will browse all the .dat files present and update the database with the new information collected. It can be quite long.

When a .dat file has been processed, you can remove it from this directory, otherwise it will be scanned again the next time the DAT to Database button is pressed.

Format of the Datfiles (.dat)

The format of the Datfiles (.dat) files must respect this format. The information sought by ARRM is indicated in red, the others are ignored by ARRM

<name>MAME 2000</name>
<description>MAME 2000</description>
<version>MAME 2000</version>

<game name=“1941”>
<description>1941 - Counter Attack (World)</description>
<rom name=“41_09.rom” size=“65536” crc=“0f9d8527”/>
<rom name=“41_18.rom” size=“131072” crc=“d1f15aeb”/>
<rom name=“41_19.rom” size=“131072” crc=“15aec3a6”/>
<rom name=“41_32.rom” size=“524288” crc=“4e9648ca”/>
<rom name=“41_gfx1.rom” size=“524288” crc=“ff77985a”/>
<rom name=“41_gfx3.rom” size=“524288” crc=“983be58f”/>
<rom name=“41_gfx5.rom” size=“524288” crc=“01d1cb11”/>
<rom name=“41_gfx7.rom” size=“524288” crc=“aeaa3509”/>
<rom name=“41e_30.rom” size=“131072” crc=“9deb1e75”/>
<rom name=“41e_31.rom” size=“131072” crc=“df201112”/>
<rom name=“41e_35.rom” size=“131072” crc=“d63942b3”/>
<rom name=“41e_36.rom” size=“131072” crc=“816a818f”/>

ARRM also recovers the md5 if it is present:

<rom name=“3-D Ghost Attack (USA) (Proto).a26” size=“16384” crc=“11396D94” md5=“FCBDF405F0FC2027B0EA45BB5AF94C1A” sha1=“29E431C27DDB8649EC3F15966011505822907139”/>

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