Resize existing overlays

You already have overlays, but you want to resize them to fit your new screen resolution. You have two choices: retrieve the overlays again by indicating the desired resolution, or resize the overlays you already have (faster).

The resizing consists in calculating the new values ​​(coordinates) which will be placed in the configuration files. In the second case, the .png image files will not be modified.

Here's how to do it.

Video Tutorial

See video

Choose the frontend you are working with (batocera, recalbox etc …):

In the following screen:

  • Check ' Overlays ' in the ' Images options ' tab
  • Choose the desired resolution
  • You can also tick ' Dev '. It allows you to save an image of the overlay with a yellow frame corresponding to the coordinates found by ARRM. This allows you to easily detect coordinate errors and subsequently modify your configuration files or the overlay file (see 'Force the use of default overlays') This image is saved in the overlays storage directory in the subdirectory '\overlays_preview\games\%system%\'

Select the roms for which you want to resize overlays:

Then click on the button ' Resize Overlays ' at the bottom of the panel ' Possible actions on the selected Roms '

The configuration files will be saved in .old before modification
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