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Customize subfolders with image and description

On some systems you can have subfolders, to group according to a theme, a publisher etc your Roma. You can, thanks to this trick, display an image and a description when you position yourself on this file.

Example: You have a Metal Slug subfolder in your neogeo system:

\\recalbox\share\roms\neogeo\-Metal Slug\

It will be necessary to put the image relative to the file with the same name as the file .png. Example:

\\recalbox\share\roms\neogeo\-Metal Slug\- Metal Slug.png

The image is necessary to take into account this trick

You can also put a description of the folder (optional) in a text file (.txt) with the same name as the folder. Example:

\\recalbox\share\roms\neogeo\-Metal Slug\- Metal Slug.txt

This information (folder) will be written at the end of the gamelist.xml file when saving the gamelist.xml

In the examples above I prefix the directory name with a '-' so that the folder appears at the top of the list. It's not an obligation

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