Scrape some media

Since version beta 11 you can only scrape missing media (artworks) by checking Missing media only (formerly Without Artwork only) in the Scrape Options tab. Only missing media (artworks), checked in the Images options tab will be recovered.
In the scrape engines, only these missing media (artworks) will be presented and selectable.
See: Scrape only missing Artworks (media)

It is possible to scrape only certain media without touching the existing Mixes

Video Tutorial

Watch video

These media are:

  • Video
  • Manual
  • Map
  • Fanart
  • Titleshot
  • Boxback
  • Hyperspin theme
  • Extra1 (see media defined in Assignment of Screenscraper media)
  • Round Wheel
  • Screenshot
  • Box art
  • Wheel
  • Cartridge
  • Overlays
  • Pad2keyboard file

To do this you must:

  • Check 'No image, only texts' or choose 'NONE' in the combobox in the 'Images options' tab
  • Check one or more of these items in the 'Images Options' tab:

  • 'Get the video',
  • 'Get the Manual',
  • 'Get Map',
  • 'Get Fanart',
  • 'Get the Titleshot'
  • 'Recover Boxback'
  • 'Theme Hyperspin'
  • 'Recover Extra1'
  • 'Round Wheel (HFSDB / Screenscraper)'
  • 'Get Screenshot'
  • 'Get the Boxart'
  • 'Get the Wheel'
  • 'Retrieve Cartridge'
  • 'Overlays (choose format 4/3, 16/9, Custom…)
  • For the Pad2keyboard, check 'Pad 2 Key cfg' in the 'Scrape Options' tab

  • In the right panel (ROM information), leave checked the items you want to update. (Remember to use the 'Check All' and 'Uncheck All' buttons to go faster)

  • Select all ('Select All' button) or part (Ctrl + left click) of the roms to process

  • Launch the scrape by clicking on the desired button Screenscraper, or the other available scrape database

  • Save gamelist.xml

When you are done with the manipulations of the Database, remember to save its content in the gamelist.xml by clicking on the button 'Create gamelist.xml'

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