Rename Artwork (Media) files

Available since version beta 2

The Rename Artworks button allows you to rename the artwork files associated with the selected games, depending on the

  • ROM file name (if Image as Rom is checked in the Images Options tab)
  • Game name (if Image as Rom is not checked in the Images Options tab)

To be applied only if the Artwork names do not match the game title / rom file name


  • As a precaution, save the gamelists.xml of the impacted systems.
  • Select the system (only one) then click on Show

  • When the Database is filled with the Roms found,
  • Select the Roms whose Artworks you wish to rename

  • Check whether or not Image as Rom is checked depending on what you want: Artworks with the same name as the Rom file, or Artworks with the name of the game.

  • Click on the Rename Artworks button

  • Save your gamelist
To rename media not appearing in the database:

  • roundwheel
  • themehs
  • marquee_cropped
  • .opt
  • .rmp

ARRM uses the name of the image file (if existing) to determine the file name.

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