Finding the best emulator/core for Arcade games

Available since 1882 beta 20

ARRM offers to select (highlight) the Roms whose selected Core in a combobox is the best for these Roms. You can then apply the emulator / core which will be written in the gamelist.

Here's how:

Select a system (only one) containing arcade roms (with their standard file name) then click on Display

When the Database is filled with the found Roms,

Go to the Arcade tab, select the desired Core, then click on the green tick. ARRM will highlight the Roms whose selected core is the best.

All you have to do is apply this core (different depending on the frontend chosen) by clicking on the Set core/emu button present in the Roms selected tab:

Which will display the following module:

This will update the <emulator> and <core> tags in the gamelist.

Batocera specificity

(from beta 1882 beta 20)

On Batocera, forcing emulators / Cores is done via the file batocera.conf located under \\batocera\share\system

For each game, we can define the emulator and the core by adding lines in the batocera.conf file like this:

dreamcast["Crazy Taxi 2.cdi"].core=reicast
dreamcast["Crazy Taxi 2.cdi"].emulator=libretro
n64["1080 Snowboarding.n64"].core=mupen64plus
n64["1080 Snowboarding.n64"].emulator=libretro
saturn["Decathlete (1996)(Sega of America)(US).cue"].core=beetle-saturn
saturn["Decathlete (1996)(Sega of America)(US).cue"].emulator=libretro
psx["102 Dalmatians.pbp"].core=mednafen_psx
psx["102 Dalmatians.pbp"].emulator=libretro

You must activate the Core/Emulator per game checkbox in the Gamelist Options tab

If the <core> and/or <emulator> tags are entered in your gamelist.xml (see procedure above), ARRM can generate, when saving the gamelist, a text file containing the configuration lines to add in the file batocera.conf.

This generated file is located in %appdata%\Nexouille soft\arrm\temp\batocera.conf\batocera.conf.%system%.txt

It will suffice to copy the lines of this file at the end of your file batocera.conf Click on the icon to navigate to the directory containing this file generated by ARRM

See the details of this operation (Set core/emu) in the section Change emulator and core per game
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