Backup and restore ARRM configuration

You want to save your ARRM configuration to restore it on another machine or following a bad manipulation? This is possible via the Tools tab

Save configuration

To save the configuration (registry keys and configuration files), simply, in the Tools tab, then click on the Backup configurations files button

The files will be saved in the directory:

%appdata%\Nexouille Soft\arrm\database\backup

A sub-directory will be created automatically with the date and time of day.

Restore a saved configuration

To restore a previously saved configuration, simply click on the Restore configurations files button in the Tools tab.

A window appears, asking you to select the directory containing your backup:

Select the files you want by checking them or click on the Check all button to select all, then click on the Restore selected file(s) button

After a restore, it is necessary to restart ARRM in order to take the modifications into account
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