Manage some systems as folder or file

Some systems are in the form of folders (dos, windows, daphne …) and others in the form of a list of files of roms.

You have the option of telling ARRM how you want to manage your systems, so that their contents are visible when you select a system in ARRM.
Most systems run in File mode which is the default behavior, only a few systems use Folder mode .

The systems managed in folder mode are indicated in this file: %appdata%\Nexouille soft\arrm\database\systemes_as_folder.txt

This file can be modified by clicking on the icon (see below) You can therefore add other systems to this list which will be managed in Folder mode . Remember to relaunch ARRM to take it into account.

Here is an example of content:


When you select a system and click Display, the management mode ( Standard mode , Folder mode ) is indicated (see below). By positioning the mouse on Folder Mode or Standard mode , a tooltip indicates the systems managed in Folder mode (folder)

It is possible, however, to force File mode for those systems normally managed in Folder mode . To do this, check the PC/DOS: files mode checkbox in the Scrape Options tab

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