List of video tutorials available

You will find these tutorials in the different sections of this Wiki.

Youtube playlist: Videos Tutorial Wall View:

Settings →
How to login to Screenscraper from ARRM →
How to assign Screenscraper media to different Tags in gamelist.xml →
Get existing images to feed your gamelist Methode 1 →
Get existing images to feed your gamelist Methode 2 →
Scraping Roms →
Scrape a game by its GameId or its MD5 →
Scrape specific media →
Scrape text information only →
Create videos with Overlay →
Overlay for games on Batocera →
Overlay for games on_Recalbox →
Overlay for systems on_Batocera →
Overlay for sur_Recalbox systems →
How to resize your existing overlays to fit your screen resolution →
Use MixMe to create your Mixes from your own media →
Submit a rating for a game on Screenscraper from ARRM →
Sort your systems (es_systems.cfg) →
Create HTML files of your Roms collection →
Create .M3U files for multi-disc Roms →
How to use the 'Replacements' module →
How to rename a Rom file with the name of the Rom (game title) →
How to enlarge the database view →
Clean your Romset Arcade →
Add Roms to Collection →
Convert existing Recalbox Overlays to Batocera Overlays →
How to assign emulator and core per game →
How to scrape only text information →
How to use ARRM with the PEGASUS frontend:
How to rename game titles with the help of DAT files (datfiles):
How to delete or archive your unused Overlays:
How to generate your custom overlays (for systems and games):
How to scrape on different databases:
How to enable preview of existing media:
How to filter Templates by category in the Choose Mix Template module:
Drag & and drop images from websites into the Mix'Me module:
How to recover your missing Artworks (media) to complete your collection:

How to use ARRM to scrape (English tutorial by BatoceraNation):

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