Scrape only texts

It is possible to scrape all or part of the textual information without touching the existing images.

Video Tutorial

Watch video

  • Check 'No image, only texts' or choose 'NONE' in the combobox of the 'Images options' tab
  • Click on the button None to uncheck Get the video, Get the Manual, Get the Map, Get the Fanart, Get the Titleshot, Collect Boxback, Theme Hyperspin, Collect Extra1, Round Wheel

  • In the right panel (ROM information), leave checked the items you want to update. (Remember to use the Check All' and 'Uncheck All' buttons to go faster)

  • Select all (button 'Select all') or part (Ctrl left click) of the roms to process

  • Start scraping by clicking on the desired button 'Screenscraper', or any other scraping engine

  • Save gamelist.xml

When you are done with the manipulations of the Database, remember to save its content in the gamelist.xml by clicking on the button 'Create gamelist.xml'

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