Customize the <provider> section of the gamelist.xml

Available from version Beta 4

It is possible to add information in the <provider> section of your gamelist.xml which will be added when creating the gamelist.xml. This information will be read from the file %appdata%\Nexouille soft\arrm\database\provider_custom.txt which you can modify by clicking on the icon

To do this, go to the Gamelist TAGS tab.

Check Provider Custom

the provider_custom.txt file is made up as follows:

Tag name (your choice) | comment/description

example :

information|This pack was done by Nexusone13
version|Updated on 01/31/2022
You can give any name to the tags, except provider

Since Beta 12 you can use Date/Time variables in your provider_custom.txt

The variables are:

  • %yyyy%: year
  • %dd%: day
  • %MM%: month
  • %HH%: time in 24h format)
  • %mm%: minute

Which can give for example a provider_custom.txt like this:

scraped_by|Captain Cavern
information|This pack was done by Captain Cavern
version|Updated on %dd%/%MM%/%yyyy% %HH%:%mm%

When the gamelist.xml will be generated it will give:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
     <scraped_by>Captain Cavern</scraped_by>
     <information>This pack was done by Captain Cavern</information>
     <version>Updated on 02/03/2022 22:13</version>
     <path>./- Metal Slug/</path>
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