Generate your own overlays

You have created overlays in .png format, for your systems or games, with a transparency zone and you want to generate the configuration files? ARRM can do it for you.

Since version ARRM 1916 Beta 9, you can also use another method. See: THE BEZEL PROJECT

Video Tutorial

Watch video

Here are the steps to follow :

  • Check that you have selected your frontend

  • Copy your overlays .png files into the overlays_priority directory located in the folder you specified in ARRM (Repertoires des Bezels / Bezels folder). In the example below you would copy your custom overlays files to E:\Recalbox\share\overlays_priority. (here we will deal with the 3do system overlay)

If your overlays are system overlays they must be named the same as your systems (example: 3do.png).
If your overlays are game overlays you will have to name them the same way as the rom file (example: Ace of Aces (USA).png)

  • Check that your resolution settings are correct and check the Overlays box
  • Check the box Use 'viewport' ARRM detection

  • For systems, select the systems for which you want to generate your overlays/config files

then click on the System Overlay button of the Systems panel

  • For Roms, select the roms for which you want to generate your overlays/config files and launch a scrape.
  • ARRM will generate the correct configuration files:

Contents of 3do.cfg file

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