Changing the template of a system without having to re-scrape the Roms


You have already scraped your Roms using a template and you want to change template. Most of the time, it is necessary to restart a complete scrape of your Roms by applying a new template.

ARRM allows you to modify your template without having to re-scrape your Roms on the net. To do this, your previous scrapes must have been carried out with the '4 images' option activated (available in the 'General options' configuration tab) or that you already have the media and that 'they appear in the database.

You can also change the media that will be assigned to the IMAGE tag if you don't want to use the MIX generated by the template

If your database or your gamelist.xml contains these media tags, you can then choose another template and click on the 'Compose Image' button. ARRM will go through each of your selected Roms in the database and apply the new template. (this is faster than a scrape on the net)

If the tags are not present in the gamelist, but the image files do exist in the image directory, 'Compose image' will be able to apply the template by searching locally (in the downloaded_images directory or the one defined in settings) missing images.

Operating mode

  • Select the system (only one) then click on Display

  • Select the desired template
  • When the Database is filled with the found Roms

  • Select roms to process
  • Check that you have selected the right image parameter (Mix, Screenshot, boxart…) in the Images options tab in the combobox Choose the image TAG you want

  • Click on the button Compose image

The Compose Image button is also available in the list of scrape engines or via the contextual menu of the database
  • Remember to save your gamelist.xml
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