Scraping on ArcadeItalia

ArcadeItalia is also known as ArcadeDB
Since version beta 11 you can only scrape missing media (artworks) by checking Missing media only (formerly Without Artwork only) in the Scrape Options tab. Only missing media (artworks), checked in the Images options tab will be recovered.
In the scrape engines, only these missing media (artworks) will be presented and selectable.
See: Scrape only missing Artworks (media)

Since version Beta 7, it is now possible to scrape on ArcadeItalia / ArcadeDB 's database:

This scrape engine is dedicated to Arcade games. The search is done on the name of the ROM file without the extension which is standardized in ARCADE (example: atetris, gng, strider2, mslug…). The search will not return anything on other systems that do not meet this arcade ROM filename criteria

Unlike the other engines offered by ARRM, ArcadeItalia will not offer a game selection window, because only one game corresponds to the file name. Validation is therefore automatic.

Media available through this scrape engine are:

1 screenshot
1 Titleshot
1 wheel / logo
1 2D boxart
1 Video
1 Marquee (Arcade banner) which will be assigned to Extra1 if you have chosen marquee over Extra1 in the Media Screenscraper Assignment module

Before starting, here are the settings to be made in ARRM for the ArcadeItalia module.

In the General Options tab

If you want to retrieve the Arcade banner that will be assigned to Extra1, you must choose marquee for Extra1 marquee on Extra1 in the Assignment of media 'Screenscraper'

The descriptions of the game are quite wordy on ArcadeItalia, and tell more about the creation of the game and its technical aspect than the story of the game itself. It is therefore possible not to recover the descriptions (if you already have them from a previous scrape) by unchecking the Description box, which will result in not updating the game description. See TIPS below.

You can later retrieve only the description via other scrape engines by unchecking all other checkboxes and leaving only the description checked. See Wiki: Scrape only texts

Video encoding for Retropie

If you are using Retropie, videos retrieved from ArcadeItalia / ArcadeDB may not be playable. To avoid this problem, simply compress the videos by checking the Compress video checkbox in the Scrape options tab of the Settings menu.

If you have already recovered them, you can compress them in bulk via the Compress videos button on the Selected ROMs tab in the ROM information panel


Do not retrieve text information

If you do not want to recover text information, just check No text in the Scrape Options tab

Retrieve only certain textual information

If you only want to retrieve certain textual information, remember, before starting the scrape, to uncheck the textual information that you do not want to update.

This is done in the Rom Information section

Recover some media in MIX image mode

When you use the MIX image mode, some media are automatically recovered:

  • Screenshot
  • Box art
  • Wheel
  • Cartridge

If you want to retrieve other media, you must specify it in the Images Options tab by checking the desired media under the heading Force Media Download
In MIX mode you will not be able to check the Screenshot, Boxart, Wheel and Cartridge media because they are recovered automatically.

Recover some media in **No image, only texts** mode

You only want to recover certain categories of media (boxart, fanart, screenshot, logo, video), you just have to check No image, only texts in the Images Options tab

Then select the desired media by checking them under the heading Force Media Download

In MIX mode you will not be able to check the Screenshot, Boxart, Wheel and Cartridge media because they are recovered automatically.

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