Screenshots of ARRM Revamped

Available since version 1930 Beta 6 Relooked

Here are some screenshots of the screens and features offered by the ARRM application in Redesigned version

Database tab

Settings Tab

General Options


Scraping Options

Pictures Options

Configuration Files

Gamelist tab

Tools Tab

Updates Tab

About Tab

Screenscraper Media Assignment Screen

Model Selection Screen

Mix'Me screen

Mix'Me screen which allows you to compose your own Mix by selecting the image files (drag & drop possible from local images or websites) It is also possible to choose an image from an already created Mix.

Scraping screen on

Launchbox scrape screen

Scraping screen on GOG

Scrape screen on Steam Db

Scraping screen on HFS Db

Sorting module

Some distributions like Retropie allow to display the gamelist with a name <sortname> which will be used to sort the gamelist. ARRM offers a multi-criteria sorting module (5) compatible with this <sortname> tag. For other systems the ARRM proposes to index the file names in order to respect this order. example; 01=- Jurassic Park Interactive 02 = - Need for speed, The ….

Bulk Core and Emulator change

Sorting the es_systems.cfg file

Sort the es_systems.cfg file so that the systems appear on your frontend in the order you want

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