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Create .M3U files for multi-disc Roms

Available from version

If you have Roms that contain multiple disks, you can collect them in a single '.m3u' file. You just have to scrape this file, and in your frontend you can change the disk via the Retroarch menu.

Video Tutorial

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Operating mode in ARRM

If you have multi-disc Roms listed in the ARRM database.

For example :

Final Fantasy VII (disc 1).cue
Final Fantasy VII (disc 1).bin
Final Fantasy VII (disc 2).cue
Final Fantasy VII (disc 2).bin

  • To create the file ' Final Fantasy VII.m3u ' you must select (highlight) in the database, the following files (please note that the files must be in ascending order of the disks):

Final Fantasy VII (disc 1).cue
Final Fantasy VII (disc 2).cue

  • Click on ' Create M3U '.

The file 'Final Fantasy VII.m3u' will be created containing these 2 lines (the file is cleaned of disc information):

Final Fantasy VII (disc 1).cue
Final Fantasy VII (disc 2).cue

ARRM will then automatically ' hidden ' these 2 files, so that there is no duplication when displaying the gamelist in your Frontend.

Final Fantasy VII (disc 1).cue
Final Fantasy VII (disc 2).cue

  • When you have finished all your creations of .M3U, Save your gamelist.xml

  • Reload the database by clicking on the ' Display ' button to see the new '.M3U' files appear

If you do not see your . M3U files appear, make sure that the extension '.m3u' is recognized for the current system. (see ARRM does not display all my games. How to add an extension?)

  • Scrap the new '.M3U' files

Configure the joystick shortcut in Retroach to change discs

  • In the game, go to Retroarch menu (Hotkey + B).
  • Press A to access the Main Menu .
  • Go to Settings> Input> Input Hotkey binds .
  • Define Disk eject toggle , Disk next and Disk prev with your favorite keys.

Example: Disk eject toggle (right-analog up), Disk next (right-analog right) and Disk prev (right-analog left).

  • Now in the game, you can press Hotkey + “button” to eject the disc, swap the disc and insert the disc (and reset the game if necessary).
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