Put ​​an image/description for Scummvm games under Batocera

Under Batocera, the Scummvm game tree looks like this:

| - Monkey Island 2
| | - monkey2.scummvm

When you are on your Batocera and you enter your Scummvm system, you see a list of games without image or description, you must validate a game to access the information page. ARRM can display first level images and description.

Since version Beta 2, it is necessary to tick the checkbox: ScummVM folders in the Gamelist Options tab

If the Batocera system has been checked in the General Options tab, when saving the gamelist.xml, ARRM will automatically create the <folder> tag information

<name>Monkey Island 2 - Lechuck's Revenge</name>
<desc>Very proud of having defeated the ghost pirate LeChuck, Guybrush Threepwood sets off on an adventure full of twists and turns to try to find Big Whoop's fabulous treasure. But his enemy resurfaces and puts a new spoke in his wheels.</desc>
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