Scrape only missing Artworks (media)

Since version beta 11 you can only scrape missing media (artworks) by checking Missing media only (formerly Without Artwork only) in the Scrape Options tab. Only missing media (artworks), checked in the Images options tab will be recovered.
In the scrape engines, only these missing media (artworks) will be presented and selectable.
If Missing Media Only was checked and no missing media was found, MIX creation will not occur. Similarly, if you choose a media other than MIX for the IMAGE tag, it will not be modified: you will have to go through the Compose image button

The purpose of this video is to complete your collection by searching for and recovering missing artwork (media) using the different scraping engines offered by ARRM.

In the first part of the video, I will show you how to recover the missing works. In the last part, I will show you how to remove unwanted artwork for the selected game and search for new ones

Video Tutorial

Watch video

  • Select your system

  • In the Images Options tab, check Missing media only (formerly Without Artwork only)
  • In the Images Options tab, check the media you want selected

When Enable 4-Picture Mode is enabled, the following items are required to be selected:
  • Recover Screenshot
  • Collect the Boxart
  • Collect the Wheel
  • Collect Cartridge

If the Mix mode is checked, remember to check if the correct Mix Model has been selected

  • Keep or change text information.

If you want to keep all or part of the already scraped textual information, consider checking or unchecking the items.

When an item is unchecked, it is not updated when scraping
  • Select in the database the roms for which you want to recover the missing media.
You can also make a pre-selection of roms with missing media (time saving) see: Sélect Roms with missing media

  • Click on the scrape engine you want.

In the example below, we have selected the Launchbox scraping engine. This scrape engine as well as Steam, GOG, HFSDb, and TheGamesDB offers a selection window. Only missing media found on this engine will be displayed and accessible via a checkbox. Make your choice, then Click on the button Select this game


If no missing media was found, this form will not appear and ARRM will display in the log: No missing media for this game:

It is possible to automate this process, without needing to select the game. If ARRM finds the game on these scrape engines (Launchbox, Steam, GOG, HFSDb, and TheGamesDB), it can automatically select the game. To do this you will need to set it like this:

  • Check the media present for a given game.

To know the media already present on your system for a given game, simply select the game and click on the Media button in the ROM Information panel. You will get this:


  • Delete media present for a given game.

To delete media already present on your system for a given game, simply select the game and click on the Delete media (delete artworks) button in this panel:

This form opens:


Check the media you want to delete and click on the button Delete checked media

  • At the end of the processing, remember to save your gamelist.

See Save gamelist.xml

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