Automatically change emulator and core for Arcade games

You can automatically apply the best emulator and core for arcade systems (Neogeo/Mame/FBA/FBNEO). ARRM searches the BestArcade database from 'BestArcade'.

Here are the steps to follow :

Select the system (only one) then click on Display

When the Database is filled with the found Roms,

Select the games for which you want to change the emulator and the core (highlight them) then click on the 'Core update' button in the Arcade tab.


This operation adds or updates, in the gamelist.xml, the tags <core> and <emulator>. These tags will be written during the next save of the gamelist via the button 'Create gamelist.xml for roms'

Emulators and core can evolve according to the versions of Recalbox and Batocera software. You can update the list of emulators and cores, by clicking on the 'Edit Arcade core' button which will open the file

  • %appdata%\Nexouille soft\arrm\database\batocera_arcade_core.txt for Batocera
  • %appdata%\Nexouille soft\arrm\database\recalbox_arcade_core.txt for Recalbox

The file looks like this (for Batocera):

## for batocera system. Choose which emulator and core for arcade system
## first parameter : don't change , Second parameter : emulator , third parameter : core
## Don't add lines to this textfile, you can just modify emulator and core only
## YOU CAN JUST CHANGE THE SECOND AND THIRD PARAMETER IN EACH LINE BELOW  (xxxx;emulator;core) if multiple core are available for a given status it takes the first line below, otherwise fallback to the second then the third

According to the evolution of the emulators/core you can modify the 2nd and 3rd parameters of the last 4 lines which correspond to the emulator (2nd parameter) and to the core (3rd parameter). The 1st parameter must not be modified:


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