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For this operation to work automatically, your Box (Recalbox / Retropie, Batocera) must be running and you must have entered the Login, Password, Frontend name parameters in the 'Batocera / Recalbox / Retropie / Screenscraper / TGBD 'and ticked the Retropie / Batocera checkboxes if you use one of these Frontends. Do not tick these checkboxes if you are using Recalbox

The ' es_systems.cfg ' file is used, among other things, to display on the frontend screen the list of recognized systems. On the home screen, the systems will be displayed in the order of the ' es_systems.cfg ' file. If you wish to change this order, you will have to do it manually, or use this ARRM module which allows you to sort this file according to 6 criteria. To access this menu, go to the 'Tools' tab

and click on the button:

SystemSorter Sort es_systems.cfg

The following module appears:

ARRM uses the file '%appdata%\nexouille soft\database\systems_sorting.txt' which you can adapt to your systems.

You can replace in the file the “system_type”: “portable”, by “console”, if you do not want to differentiate between home consoles and portable consoles.

The file looks like this:

# system_id; system_name; system_manufacturer; system_releasedate; system_type; system_custom_sort (systems_sorting table)
# you can adjust more precisely your sort by assigning a different number to system_custom_sort and sorting on this criteria
3do; 3DO; Panasonic; 1993; console; 0
3ds; Nintendo 3DS; Nintendo; 2011; portable; 0
amiga; Amiga 500; Commodore; 1987; computer; 0
amiga500; Amiga 500; Commodore; 1987; computer; 0
amiga500 +; Amiga 500+; Commodore; 1991; computer; 0
amiga600; Amiga 600; Commodore; 1991; computer; 0
amiga1000; Amiga 1000; Commodore; 1985; computer; 0
amiga1200; Amiga 1200; Commodore; 1992; computer; 0
amiga3000; Amiga 3000; Commodore; 1990; computer; 0
amiga4000; Amiga 4000; Commodore; 1992; computer; 0
amigacd32; Amiga CD32; Commodore; 1993; console; 0
amigacdtv; CDTV; Commodore; 1991; console; 0
amstradcpc; Amstrad CPC; Amstrad; 1984; computer; 0
apple2; Apple II; Apple; 1977; computer; 0
arcade; Arcade; Various; 1980; arcade; 0
atari2600; Atari 2600; Atari; 1977; console; 0
atari5200; Atari 5200; Atari; 1982; console; 0
atari7800; Atari 7800; Atari; 1986; console; 0
atari800; Atari 800; Atari; 1979; computer; 0
atarifalcon; Atari Falcon030; Atari; 1992; computer; 0
atarijaguar; Jaguar; Atari; 1993; console; 0
atarijaguarcd; Atari Jaguar CD; Atari; 1995; console; 0
atarilynx; Lynx; Atari; 1989; portable; 0
atarist; Atari ST; Atari; 1985; computer; 0
atarixe; Atari XE; Atari; 1985; computer; 0
atomiswave; Atomiswave; Sammy; 2003; arcade; 0

If you have non-standard systems in your ' es_systems.cfg ' it is imperative to add them in this file, respecting the syntax, before performing the sort. Open the file by clicking on and edit the file. Exit with the 'Cancel' button, then restart the sorting module to take into account the changes to the file.

Starting sorting of es_systems.cfg file

Select the file ' es_systems.cfg ' by clicking on the button '' This file is located:

If ARRM does not detect the presence of the es_systems.cfg file in the correct directory, it offers to automatically recopy the original file located in:

  • On Batocera : /usr/share/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg
  • On Retropie : /etc/emulationstation/es_systems.cfg
  • On Recalbox : /recalbox/share_init/system/.emulationstation/es_systems.cfg

to the correct destination directory.

Choose if you want to overwrite the existing file, or create a new file ' es_systems.cfg_yyyyMMdd-HHmm ' (corresponding to the date and time) by checking the checkbox.

In the comboboxes you can choose the sorting criterion, as well as the order (ASC for ascending, DESC for descending)

Here is the list of available criteria:

  • system_id : system code in the frontend
  • system_name : system name
  • system_manufacturer : name of the system manufacturer
  • system_releasedate : date the system was released
  • system_type : type of system (arcade, console, computer, portable)
  • system_custom_sort : custom sorting criterion (by putting a unique number per system and using this single sorting criterion, you can sort your file more finely.)

Apply the desired sorting criteria, then click OK to start sorting the file.

Once the file is created, you will need, if you are working on a copy, remember to recopy the file on your system respecting the original name ' es_systems.cfg ' and reboot your system for the taken into account.
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