Generate your own overlays

You have created overlays in .png format, for your systems or your games, with transparency zone and you want to generate the configuration files? ARRM can do this for you.

Since version ARRM 1916 Beta 9, you can also use another method. See: THE BEZEL PROJECT

Video Tutorial

Watch video

Here's the procedure to follow :

  • Check that you have selected your frontend

  • Copy your overlays .png files in the overlays_priority directory located in the folder you specified in ARRM ( Bezels folder) In the example below you should copy your custom overlays files to E:\Recalbox\share\overlays_priority (here we will deal with the 3do system overlay)

If your overlays are system overlays you will need to name them the same as your systems (eg : 3do.cfg)
If your overlays are game overlays you will have to name them the same way as the rom file (eg : Ace of Aces (USA).png)

  • Check that your resolution settings are correct and check the Overlays box
  • Check the box Use ARRM viewport detection

  • For systems , select the systems for which you want to generate your overlays / configuration files then click on the System Overlay button in the System Stuff Panel

  • For Roms , select the roms for which you want to generate your overlays / configuration files and start a scrape.
  • ARRM will generate the correct configuration files:

Contents of 3do.cfg file

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