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Another Gamelist, Roms manager, and Scraper for Recalbox, Batocera, Retropie, Retrobat, EmuELEC, EmulationStation

Welcome to the ARRM software wiki

Since version, ARRM is able to scrape on the following databases:

See video


Scrap your games for Recalbox, Batocera, Retropie, EmuELEC, EmulationStation and Retrobat with ARRM. Manage your gamelists and organize your Roms

Scrape your roms or systems individually (incremental scrape) or massively

For some time, I use Recalbox and Batocera. These frontends, usable on raspberry, pc/linux or other platforms, allow to run emulators of old console.
Wishing to change the descriptions of games roms, add them to favorites or hide them in a simple way and incidentally to scrap some roms on Screenscraper, HFS-DB,, LaunchBox, Steam and GOG, I wrote this little utility ARRM for my personal use . Over the versions, many other features have been added, often at the request of users. I make it available if it can be useful to you. All input areas and buttons have their Bubble Info to know their function. This software is also compatible with Recalbox, Batocera, Retropie, EmuELEC, EmulationStation and probably Retrobat too.

Here is what you can get on your frontend using ARRM on each of your systems. Many templates are available. (View list of available templates)

Raspberry Pi 4 Recalbox by RustyMG (thanks to you)


ARRM does not offer gaming ROMs, nor does it allow them to be downloaded; he uses the Roms you own. Pictures and textuals informations recovery is done on the following sites: Screenscraper, HFS-DB,, LaunchBox, Steam and GOG


A big thank you to these sites for their database dedicated to video games. Do not hesitate to encourage them.

I invite you to connect to these sites and contribute to the development of their database.

Some features

ARRM is a Scraper :
It allows you to retrieve and format (scraper) textual information and graphic media from video games by querying sites offering this information (Screenscraper, HFSDb,, LaunchBox, Steam, GOG) It can thus create gamelist.xml files compatible with many retrogaming distributions (Recalbox, Batocera, Retropie, EmuElec, RetroBat …) and allows, via exports, to create files compatible with other distributions (Pegasus, AttractMode , Hyperspin) and .csv files

ARRM is a gamelist manager :
It allows you to manipulate the recovered data: filter, sort, delete, edit, clean, replace data … Many built-in utilities allow you to best customize your gamelists and scrapes

ARRM retrieves scrape information from the following databases:

Videos Tutorial


  • Compatible with Recalbox, Batocera, Retropie, EmuELEC and EmulationStation
  • Interface in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, Chinese
  • All buttons have bubble info to guide the user
  • WIKI available with concrete cases for better handling of the software:
  • Export possible to Hyperspin, Pegasus, AttractMode




Roms management



and many other features…

Since version beta 5 it is possible to generate videos + overlay based on the templates offered by ARRM. Like the birthday videos offered by Screenscraper on their Facebook. Tutorial video : Creating overlays video



You can donate via The JujuvinceBros Utip, Buymeacoffee or Streamlabs website (click on one of the links below)


JVB Quiz

Try the JVB Quiz game:

I wrote a little game: JVB_Quiz which offers a quiz based on the media / gamelist available with your Recalbox/Batocera/Retropie/Retrobat installations ….

For those who do not have these frontends, I offer ready-to-use media packs per system (without roms), on the download (All media scraped with ARRM)

It uses the gamelist.xml to display videos and / or images (image, marquee, boxart, screenshot etc … available in gamelists) as well as text questions (over 800) in French or English as desired. On the images, a kaleidoscope effect gradually reveals the image. You can mix image and video in the quiz.

It works under Windows or on Wine or Pygame under Batocera PC.

You can play up to 6 players (4 joypads and 2 keyboards)

Go to Download ARRM Software

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