Recover gamelist.xml after ARRM crash

You are scraping, and ARRM crashes. Rest assured, what you've already scraped isn't lost. ARRM has a data recovery system when an application crash occurs.

To activate this feature, check the Temporary Gamelist checkbox in the Gamelist Options tab (see screen below)

  • Temporary gamelist (checkbox): A gamelist_tempo.xml file is created during the progress of the scrape in the scraped system directory. Thus during a crash of the application it is possible to recover the information of this file during the next loading of the system. This gamelist_tempo.xml file is located in the same directory as your gamelist.xml.

After a crash, restart ARRM, and reload the system you were scraping at the time of the crash.

When loading a system, if ARRM detects that a crash has occurred, it offers to restore the information recovered up to the time of the crash.

This popup appears:

Click the OK button

ARRM will take care of merging the data scraped before the crash with your old gamelist.xml

Alternative method using ARRM cache:

You can also do a recovery with the cache system See: How to use the ARRM cache

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