Thanks for using ARRM :)

This software required (and continues :)) many hours of work on the part of its author. Listening to user requests, I try to improve ARRM over time. If you enjoy ARRM, you can donate to support its author (Nexusone13) and the JujuVinceBros by clicking on one of the following buttons: Utip, Buymeacoffee or Patreon

Patreon Utip Utip

You will be redirected to a Utip, Buymeacoffee or , Patreon page which will allow you to pay by credit card, Paypal or PaySafeCard

If you make a donation of at least 5 euros, remember to leave a message with your email, you will receive an email allowing you to deactivate the donation reminder popup and to access certain additional features in the ARRM application.

Thank you in advance, it motivates me to continue to improve ARRM, and to respond to your requests as well as possible.

Thank you again for your help :)

Nexusone13 and the JujuVinceBros

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