Delete certain METADATA

It is possible to delete (blank) all or part of the METADATA (fields of the gamelist). Useful if you want for example, to reset to 0 the number of times played or the date of the last game.

  • Select the desired system and click on the button ' Display '


  • The gamelist is displayed
  • In the right panel ( ROM information ), leave the items you wish to delete checked. (Remember to use the ' Check All ' and ' Uncheck All ' buttons to go faster)
The Artworks checkbox is only used in the Delete METADATA procedure. If checked, removing METADATA will also remove links to Artworks/Images (only links, not images)

  • Select all or part of the Roms to be processed

  • Click on the button ' Delete METADATA ' in the panel ' Possible actions on selected Roms '. Data will be deleted for the items checked and the Roms selected.

  • Wait for the end of the treatment.
  • Save your gamelist by clicking on the button ' Create gamelist.xml ' in the panel ' Gamelist Stuff'

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