Add the CRC32 to be able to make netplay on Recalbox

If you want to network on Recalbox with your Roma, it is necessary to have the CRC32 in the gamelist.xml of your Roma.

Here is the method to add the CRC32 in the gamelist.xml file:

  • Load the Roms from the desired system into the database (see tutorial)
  • Select the Roms on which to calculate the CRC32
  • Click on the button 'CRC32 (Netplay)' of the panel 'Possible actions on the selected Roms'

ARRM will review all the Roms and calculate the CRC32 of each of the Rom files, then fill in the 'hash' tag that will be added / updated in the gamelist.xml when it is backed up.

There is no need to calculate the Hash / CRC32 for games that do not offer Netplay.

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