JVB Quiz for Pygame under Batocera for PC & Pi4

JVB Quiz for Pygame under Batocera for PC & Pi4
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11 avril 2021
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Pygame for Batocera on PC and Pi4 version

Nexusone13 / Franck Pouilly

Discord : https://discord.gg/p7QsBTS


Download link at the bottom of this page




I wrote a little game JVB_Quiz which offers a quiz based on the media available with your Recalbox / Batocera / Retropie / Retrobat installations....

For those who do not have these frontends, I offer ready-to-use media packs per system (without roms), on the download page (All media were scraped with ARRM)

It uses the gamelist.xml to display video and / or images (image, marquee, boxart , screenshot etc ... available in the gamelists) and over 800 textuals questions. On the images a kaleidoscope effect gradually discloses the image. You can mix image and video in the quiz.

It runs on Pygame for Batocera for PC and Pi4.

You can play up to 6 players (4 joypads and 2 keyboard)

Media can be store on distant share (eg : \\recalbox\share\roms) or on your local drive (eg : d:\roms)

If there is less than 10 media the quiz cannot be started


 Video demonstration


 Video how to install and play



jvb quizz mix jvb quizz boxart jvb quizz screenshot  




- JVB Quiz v5.2
Add 'video+Question' media choice


- JVB Quiz v5.0
Add parameter in config.txt KALEIDOSCOPE_EFFECT false or true or mix : apply a kaleidoscope effect on image (if mix : sometimes kaleidoscope is applied sometimes not)
Add parameter in config.txt CHRONO_MAX : length of a round (by default = 10)


- JVB Quiz v4.2 (01/11/2021)
Add a parameter in config.txt : QUESTIONS_LANGUAGE .Could be "french" or "english".
Add media folder and gamelist.xml for JVB_Quiz game (just drop them in your frontend correct folder)


- JVB Quiz v4 (08/01/2021)

Number of characters in response box and in question box depends on screen resolution
Add second Keyboard player : Keys are NOW T for up, F for left, H for Right, V for Down
Add MAX_SCORE in config.txt


- JVB Quiz v3 (01/07/2021)

Add second Keyboard player : Keys are T for up, F for left, H for Right, V for Down


- JVB Quiz v2 (01/06/2021)

Add textual questions (more than 800)
you can mix them with screenshot/image/video or choose questions only. Questions are not related to the system you choose.




You need ton download the file JVB_Quizz_Vxx.zip

Pygame on Batocera for PC:

Unzip JVB_Quizz_Vxx.zip on the directory \\batocera\share\roms\pygame.

Then you have to configure 2 parameters, by editing the file : 'config.txt' you can find at the root of your JVB_Quiz installation.




The config.txt  file contains this parameters :

FRONTEND_ROOT must contain the path to the directory containing the systems. Each systems must contain a gamelist.xml.
PATH_FFMPEG contains the path to sur ffmpeg executable.

Don't put character \ at end of path


WIDTH and HEIGHT : you can force the windows size of the game. If not present, JVB Quiz use fullscreen resolution.

QUESTIONS_LANGUAGE could be "french" or "english"

KALEIDOSCOPE_EFFECT false or true or mix : apply a kaleidoscope effect on image (if mix : sometimes kaleidoscope is applied sometimes not)

CHRONO_MAX   : length of a round  (10 by default)


For Pygame under Batocera for PC, you can setup like this :



A 'temoin.txt' file is created when the application is launched. You will find error messages there




If you play with a keyboard here is the key binding:

On menu selection :

  • PgUp / PgDown : change systems
  • Up / Down : change score max to reach
  • Left / Right : change media (image+video, screenshot+video, image, thumbnail, marquee, video, screenshot, boxart, cartridge : these media correspond to the tags present in the gamelist.xml)
  • S : Start
  • Q : Quit
  • J : launch Joystick configuration


In game :

First Player (keyboard) :

  • Directional keys (up/left/right/down) to choose an answer
  • S : to continue Quizz
  • Q : to quit to main menu 

Second Player (keyboard) :

  • T for up
  • F for left
  • H for right
  • V for down


start frame


When you play for the first time with Joypad, press J on Start menu to configure each Joypad.

Configurations files for Joypad will be created and reused last time you play with the same joypad(s).

Configuration files for joypad are named : "joy_name_of_joypad.txt" and are located at the root of JVB_Quizz application.




If you want music on screenshot, you can use ARRM to generate music file (if you have the video).
How to : Launch ARRM,   tick the "GamesDB Music" in the "Scrap Options" Tab, then open the system you want, select all, then click on "Search for Music" in the "Possible actions on selected roms". At the end of the process, save the gamelist.xml to store the new <music> tag generated.
ARRM will extract audio from video, or, if video is not present, try to download music from GamesDB Music website

ARRM Wikihttp://jujuvincebros.fr/wiki/arrm/doku.php?id=start-en
RRM download pagehttp://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/file/10-arrm-another-recalbox-roms-manager



Feedback and error reporting


For feeback and error reporting, please connect to our textual discord :  https://discord.gg/p7QsBT  in ARRM channel



Media packs


If you don't have Recalbox / Batocera frontend and if there is a request ( Textual Discord : https://discord.gg/p7QsBTS in ARRM channel) , I can provide media packs (without roms, only graphics media + gamelist.xml) so that you can use JVB_Quiz on your computer.


How to :

Go there to download pack : http://jujuvincebros.fr/telechargements2/category/14-jvb-quiz-game-packs

Download the text file containing the link to download the full pack.

Extract archive in 'roms' folder (each system has his own folder). The 'roms' folder you will need to indicate in the file 'config.txt' in the FRONTEND_ROOT parameter
Archive password : arrm_jvb_quizz

Click on the link below to  

Access to JVB Quiz Media Packs



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