Put ​​an image / description for Scummvm games under Batocera

Under Batocera the Scummvm game tree looks like this:

| - Monkey Island 2
| | - monkey2.scummvm

When you are on your Batocera and you enter your Scummvm system, you see a list of games without picture or description, you must validate a game to access the information page. ARRM can display the images and description of the first level.

Since version Beta 2, it is necessary to check the checkbox: ScummVM folders in the Gamelist Options tab

If Batocera system has been checked in the configuration parameters, in Recalbox/Batocera/Screenscraper/TGBD tab, when saving the gamelist.xml, ARRM will automatically create the necessary folder information:

<path>./ monkey2</path>
<name>Monkey Island 2 - Lechuck's Revenge</name>
<image>./ downloaded_images / monkey2_screenscraper_mix_arrm.png</image>
<desc>Quite proud of defeating LeChuck, Guybrush Threepwood, a phantom pirate, sets off on a thrilling adventure to find Big Whoop's fabulous treasure. But his enemy resurfaced and put new sticks in the wheels.</desc>

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