Getting started with ARRM

Below is a list of things you can do to get started with ARRM. You can then study in detail the various features of ARRM by consulting the sections of the wiki.

Parameter setting is the essential step for the software to function.

If you want to be able to scrape, without too much limitation, using the Screenscraper database, you will need to create an account on Screenscraper, and enter your credentials into ARRM.

ARRM uses existing tags (TAGs) used in various Frontends, but adds some tags specific to ARRM. In this section you will learn how to assign the media available on Screenscraper to the tags used by ARRM.

You may have recovered romsets with non-standard roms names and game titles and this is preventing your roms from scraping properly? You can find the correct names of the games using this feature.

The “unmerged” Arcade Romsets contain many Roms clones as well as Roms belonging to genres/categories that you do not want to keep. This section will help you clean up your Roms before you start a scrape.

ARRM offers more than 200 templates which cover a large number of consoles / computers. You can select your template which will be used during the scrape. It is also possible via the Auto-Template option to assign a Template automatically according to the chosen system.

Here is the last step, the one which consists in Scraping your Roms to fetch in the databases ScreenScraper, TheGamesDB or the textual and graphic elements which will allow you to embellish your collection.

How to use ARRM Scraper (English tutorial by BatoceraNation) :

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