Add the disc number or the country without having to re-scrape the Roms

You already have scraped your Roms and you want to add the disc number or the country in the name of the game?

If the information concerning the disc or the country is present in the name of the rom file, you just need to follow this procedure:

Examples of rom with informations about country and disc inside the rom filename:

4×4 Off-Road Racing (USA) (disk 2).c64 Alien Syndrome (USA) (Side A).zip

- Check the boxes of the desired options among

It is better to check Clean name as well

  • Add disk
  • Add country

- Select the roms to be processed in the database

- Click on the button 'Check Roms'

With the example given at the beginning, the names of roms after application of the check boxes 'add country' and 'add disc' will give:

4×4 Off-Road Racing (USA) (disk 2).c64 ———> 4×4 Off Road Racing (Disk 2) (Usa)
Alien Syndrome (USA) (Side A).zip ———> Alien Syndrome (Side A) (Usa)

- Save the gamelist

When adding the disk number, the elements sought by ARRM in the file name are: disc / disk / tape / side / part
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