Delete unused images and videos

You can delete unused images and videos (orphan) in your gamelist.xml, i.e. images and videos not associated with an existing ROM. Orphan images and videos can exist when you delete Roms for instance.

Here's the procedure to follow :

Select the system (only one) and click on 'Display'

You can apply this button on multiple systems by clicking on the systems of your choice. Be careful and please test on a single system to see if it is working properly before performing this action on multiple systems.

Check in the 'Folders' tab that the path of the images and videos are correct and correspond to the path of the media in the gamelist.

When the database is filled with the ROMs found, go to 'Tools' tab and click on 'Delete unused photos and videos' button.

In order for the “Delete unused photos and videos” button to work correctly, the paths declared in the “Folders” tab must be the same as those declared in the gamelist.

Example: if you have an image in your gamelist with this path:


if you have declared this path as 'image folder' in the “Folders” tab:


When you click on the “Delete unused photos and videos” button, the “./downloaded_images/10yard-mix.png” image will be deleted, because it cannot find a match in the gamelist.

ARRM will search the gamelist for the following image:


But it can't find it since in this example the image in the gamelist is:


and it will therefore erase it.

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