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 **List of additions / corrections / modifications of the software since its creation.** **List of additions / corrections / modifications of the software since its creation.**
 +- (06/20/2020)
 +  * Correction of a bug in the module 'System sorter, sort es_systems.cfg' in 'Tools' tab. On batocera, ARRM was unable to recover the original es_systems.cfg.
 +  * Database update: core update for games on ARCADE systems (fbneo, mame, neogeo ...). This database is used via the 'Update Core' button.
 +  * Addition of a button 'Check Screenscraper' to check status of Screenscraper server (API closed or opened for members/non members ...).
 +  * Fixed a bug that could crash the application when selecting multiple systems.
 +  * Addition of a button 'Resize' with textbox width and height in 'Images Options' tab, allowing when it is checked to resize all the images with the indicated dimensions. Works in Scrap or Recompose image. The template's <resize> tag takes precedence over this resize (request from Jay).
 - (05/12/2020) - (05/12/2020)
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